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Madness  Chronicles


You aren’t alone if you see a lot of greed, malice and self-serving bias in the world. It could all be troubling and depressing and hurt your personality.

Or we can take a philosophical approach and examine the Madness. We have faith in our eternal destiny, beyond this mortal life.

We can glean some ironic humor and spearhead a path from Acrimony to Altruism. We can respond to our human feet of clay with illuminating new insights that carry us to higher ground.

Here are some writings of recent months for your consideration:

Madness  Chronicles - June & July 2019

ABIDING ANGST — From the forthcoming volume of moralistic essays, here’s an excerpt chapter on a prevailing human condition ripe for redemption

FIRE AX, ISSUE 11 — Our most recent issue of rants and raves against the machine, with more than just conventional thinking and plenty of Trump bashing.

There’s a memoir on my back burner, to be called “Rebel Liberal Out of Mississippi,” with some light and very heavy memories, and in the style of black comedy. Here’s a vignette about the emerging music of 1956, called “Ain’t That A Shame? NO.”

Madness  Chronicles - September 2018

FIRE AX, ISSUE 10 —  featuring a Special Report:  THE PUTIN-TRUMP OLIGARCHY … a startling realization, from the forthcoming book: Ascension Wars.

UNITY AND URANTIA  an essay exploring the history of movements promoting The Urantia Book as a celestial revelation, and their impact on society. From the forthcoming book, Celestials Over The World.

Madness  Chronicles - July & August 2018

FIRE AX, ISSUE 8 Radical Ideas Based On Critical Thinking

FIRE AX, ISSUE 9 The External Time and Space World Culture Clash

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Madness  Chronicles - April & May 2018

“HARD TIMES FOR ONE ANOTHER” lyrics for an un-produced track, by Jim Cleveland, and inspired by Celestial Artisans and Bob Dylan.

"Modern Mythology," a moralistic essay from the new book on Amazon — "Beyond Baggage" by Jim Cleveland

FIRE AX, ISSUE 7 An outrageous balls-to-the-walls newsletter about our current Madnesses and a fire-ax response. All to blame on Jim once more.

Madness  Chronicles -February 2018

Madness  Chronicles -January 2018

A trio of essays from the new book "On Top Of It: Rising Above the Human Mind"




Madness  Chronicles -December 2017

“Rightful Owners in America” takes a satirical look at the first new world explorers and their plans to take over the property from the squatters. From the forthcoming Slouching Through Absurdity: Skits, Spoofs and Satires.

THE DIVINE DOZEN: Jim’s book, Celestials over Cincinnati: Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time traces his personal journey and a Urantia study group’s experiences with celestial teachers from 1990-96. In an unusual move, the 12 central spiritual principles that a reader should get from the book were summed up at the front, and here they are.

Madness  Chronicles -November 2017

FIRE AX, ISSUE 3. Hot topics include Confederate monuments, Trump outrages, and Jim's usual temper tantrums with soul.

FIRE AX, ISSUE 4.  Rising above the ‘common’ sense in pursuit of Wisdom … and with humor. We are still ‘Out There.’

Essays on INVOKING GOD, and who were the first humans to boldly do it.

EVOLUTION ON SPEED explains how our planet is accelerating rapidly

JESUS —EMPATHY UNEXTENDED discusses how we have failed to understand the Jesus incarnation or honor it.

Humor … SWISS OLIGARCHY … how the Swiss overcame the gross inadequacies of its Swiss army knife by disdaining the military life entirely, taking in most of the world’s wealth and making nice chocolate.

Madness  Chronicles -October 2017

FIRE AX, ISSUE 2. Hot topics include Confederate monuments, Trump outrages, and Jim's usual temper tantrums with soul.

PERFECTION IS ETERNAL ASCENDANCY. The state of Perfection actually seems to be mobile, advancing, the ideal state.

THE CANNABIS CAKE. Big Business will get rich off CBD oil while keeping the cannabis plant's THC content illegal. They want that big cake but they want to keep their massive law enforcement empire running too so that it can eat the poor.

HERDING CATS. Is it impossible, or is it a lucrative profession in fantasy land?

SINS OF SEPARATION. The rural South suffers an historic psychosis built around race, and dictating a real separation from God.

BOBOSCOPY. An adventure story composed of only Bob Dylan song titles.

GAME OF THORNS. It’s a fantastical spin-off idea for the historic HBO show. The throne? Nobody wants the darned thing.

BALLS. Women marchers against Trump had their own pink pussy hats; the guys hope to incorporate their genitals into their own distinctive statement.

IRAQ AND RUIN. A Cut the Shit story. Here’s what really happened in a global debacle that fed war industry profits.

THE DECLINE OF PERFECT WORSHIP. There is a glorious relationship between Universal Father worship and the basic elements of our garden planet. Over the years, the worship experience has grown more separated from nature and God.

GOD IS BETTER THAN THIS. The fatal flaw in all religions is their tendency to drag our Universal Father down to an infantile level of understanding, and that includes denigrating other paths.

FIRE AX, ISSUE 1. September 2017. Swings and flying chips … Out of Bounds … Over the Top … Across the Line … Off the Wall … and Right On!

Madness  Chronicles -The Very First Posting 2017

Madness  Chronicles - FALL 2019

TWITTER TARTS —  Explaining the world in 140 characters, from the forthcoming book, Ascending Apocalypse.

VALUES OVER WEALTH  While humans scramble to pile up wealth, they fall over values that should be more highly appreciated.

Madness  Chronicles - WINTER  2019-2020

BURNT ORANGE —  A scathing, poetic attack on the Swamp that occupies the White House, from a forthcoming poetry collection.

SIDES   Contemplations on the nature of mortal living.

ARGGHH! The worst opening lines in the history of novels.

GAME OF THRONES — weaved a tumultuous  tapestry of rags to riches to ruins in characer arcs laced with irony, and the meek finally inherited the earth.

Madness  Chronicles - SPRING  2020

Cannabis Wisdom in 1990. In my years as a NORML marijuana legalization activist in Cincinnati and the Midwest, I produced a guidebook and bibliography of intelligence for the news media. The wisdom on medical cannabis and industrial hemp remains amazingly true today, 30 years later. Many lives have been lost and suffering endured during these decades of oppression. Now doctors across the world are prescribing it for many ailments.

Pioneer Tales...Of the Cleveland extended family from pre-civil war days into the new century, contending with Indians, mob rule, disease, wild animals, vengeful former slaves, and the forces of nature. The letters of Esther Cleveland Hughes to grandson Joe in 1930 recount some truly jaw-dropping true stories from pioneer days in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.

FIRE AX, ISSUE 12 — Apocalypse Showed Up. Now we have  to step up like never before in a global war of Values. Here is Fire Ax issue #12, final edition, which will be chapter one of a new manuscript on "Apocalypse Adjustments."

Madness  Chronicles - SPRING 2022

LEGALLY LOONEY Prosecutors go after the demonic creatures of the Looney Tunes characters and their efforts to poison the human mind, but its court defenders fight back.

Jim Cleveland

Madness Chronicles

Enjoy this series of "Madness Chronicles" by Jim Cleveland from 2017 to 2022