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First must come a foundation of truth from which we investigate just how closely God is watching over us.

We have free will on our planetary home. We can give God the name we choose. We can conceive God however we wish. Religious institutions develop conceptions for us and ask us to join and accept their doctrines, all written by men. We can choose to stay away from them.

As individual creations of God, we stand amazingly unique from one another, our own personality mix of mind-body-spirit and the experiences and environments that shape us. There is no other personality exactly like us.

So there is a specialness to each soul in God’s vast domain, even though there are trillions of evolving personalities in billions of inhabited planets. Our astronomers are seeing more of this reality every day, even as some humans lag so far behind in mind development that they wonder if there is any other life on any planet at all. They have not even grasped that the evolutionary plan for these worlds is a creation of God so that each world and every soul upon it can grow.

The great realization that we need is that our lives will always be unfulfilled unless we follow the spiritual urge to service, to use our talents to further humankind, our societies, and improve the lives of all people around them.

Does God micromanage our lives, then?

Some say that he can and does — with miracles that can happen at any moment, saving human lives from death, turning away storm winds. God is in charge and things happen with or without his consent.

Others say that God does not micro-manage our free will lives or the civilizations that rise and fall over the hundreds of generations that have lived here. Genocides and wars are constant. The dark ages of almost impenetrable mindlessness came and went. We humans are the ones who will save or destroy the planet and God will not intercede in the fate of either us or the planet.

And some say that our planet is racing madly toward some serious reckonings with climate change and global warming, stores of nuclear weapons, oil companies fracturing the earth, massive wealth inequality, wars and terrorism all across the landscape. In these worries, they believe that God will perhaps intervene and save us from the worst of ourselves. Prayers are going up.

I believe the micro-management truth lies somewhere between most of our ideas.

We are indeed micro-managed by an indwelling spirit of God, called variously a conscience, a soul, a higher self, a spiritual voice, an angel. In truth, this is a God-given spiritual pilot for your life, to guide the constant decisions you must make toward the symbolic Light — shining rays of truth, beauty, and goodness. These are your goals in all matters, the ideals you seek. They are all achieved through service to our human fellows, all created and hopefully cognizant of the same indwelling spirit that we are.  

Service brings happiness. And happiness comes from within. Our indwelling spirits will lead the way.

Spirits? Yes, I believe that the incarnated Jesus left behind an additional Spirit of Truth that indwells us — a spirit of conviction, a guide stone for making value-driven decisions.

There is also the eternal energy of the Infinite Mother Spirit which permeates our being, and is strongest when we takes steps of faith and service. This strength within us grows as we step out and need it.

One might also reason that the vast universe of universes and the attendant higher learning universities that abound within them are thereby connected to the living spirits within each of us, one of those ascending mortals who are charged to ‘be ye perfect’ and hopefully will become so in the far-reaching journeys ahead.

Is there micro-management for the time and space world civilizations that rise and fall. I think not. We haven’t seen it. We’ve seen the planet working out its own fate from the first implantations of biological life to the present day. History of our habitation has been jagged and violent, filled with animosity and greed, the rise and fall of empires, and always the human determination to survive, rebuild and follow their dreams.

I believe that God watches this unfolding and ultimately will see that each of these self-governing worlds come to a great realization of God in their own right, as we will. But this is up to us. We have our living presence here to make of it what we will. We must overcome our own obstacles, and may not. We must learn not to create our own obstacles and to progress surely and confidently with the guidance of the Spirits within. We are not micro-managed by them, but they are consultants with great knowledge of true realities.

We inhabit human, mortal bodies. We are having a material experience, gaining knowledge and insight that we couldn’t get any other way except by the experiencing. We should recognize our true identity as the one that will ascend beyond your mortal lives.

Our future progress will be determined by how well we have lived here. Our mortal lives, as the real babies of the universe, are important foundations to a resplendent path of ascendancy and should be built strongly. Fortunately for us, rehabilitation is an important part of education. We make mistakes and false judgments in our lives because we do not understand much about our lives or our purpose and harbor false beliefs that stymie our growth. Upon transition, we will have realizations that we couldn’t consider before in our ignorance. We can put aside our false beliefs and see God’s path for his mortal children more clearly.

So we can have micro-management from Spirit in our lives if we choose to follow it. It’s our choice.

On the other hand, civilizations will rise and fall without God’s forceful intervention, and none of that truly matters in the eternal sense, in the reality of trillions of beings on billions of planets, all unique and all seeking their purpose. We are the micro-managers, though God has advice built within us. We build and destroy civilizations on our own.

Importantly, we must know that there are great learning experiences in adversity. It isn’t punishment from God. We make these fates, and they bring out courage, bravery, patience, perseverance, and greater appreciation, love and support for one’s family and friends. A stable world of loving friends is the end goal for the planet; getting there encompasses vast numbers of soul-growing experiences over hundreds of generations. We prove worthy to carry on with our intentions and our efforts here.

We can take comfort that the world’s evolution is quickening rapidly so that exciting world-changing events will occur in our lifetimes as the globe shrinks, people merge, and we realize how all of our fates are intertwined.

We are micro-managing the planet for God. It’s our decisions that make civilizations rise and fall.

If warlords continue to proclaim that God is on their side, then they continue to be liars since the one true God does not condone his children killing one another for any reason at all. Our micro-management of the planet should preclude our doing that, and our Indwelling Spirit will tell us this every hour of the day if we simply ask.

God And Micro-Management

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