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The corona virus places a pronged and blood red crown upon it — and upon our heads for the immediate future.

We are subdued; civilization is on hold from the breakneck mindless race for profits and conflicts, winners and losers. We are to pause now and contemplate everything about our own lives, our societies, and the partisan madnesses which have driven us to this place of cosmic correction.

It’s a high noon showdown for our Values. Each soul, each nation is facing the challenge.

What are your intentions? What kind of values will you represent? What kind of service will you provide to your fellows as the world faces crises at every turn, with many of us destined to perish? What kind of leadership will you support? What is really important in life? Will I be honorable and selfless in what I do?

Look around. There is no time for imagination and dread. We are now in an epic battle for the planet, with serious survival consequences. Yet many still embrace and practice our age-old animosities, worshipping the warrior god concept on an ever-shrinking global stage. We are humans, the true weapons of mass destruction. This has not worked. We need epochal change.

There is enlightened and emboldened and newly inspired push-back. It was getting increasingly fierce even before the pandemic shuffled the deck.  

People are rising up against corrupt, despotic regimes across the world. They are fighting back. More and more countries are becoming flash points for a new order.

Wealth inequality is staggering, with millions starving and millions of others living in luxury and piling up wealth in foreign banks that they will never need. City streets are being filled with the homeless and hopeless.

As Coronavirus surges across the world at this moment, we wonder if the poor and unhealthy third world peoples can survive and avoid chaos.  

Of course the earth, waters and sky are suffering from toxic heat and our incessant demand to turn nature into a waste dump. The elements are surging in rebellion and we will now confront runaway winds, fires and earthquakes. Coral reefs are dying, oceans are blotted with huge dead zones and massive piles of flotsam. Toxic waste piles up, fracking ruptures our foundations, thousands of oil rigs dot our waters, waiting for a serious tremor to rip open scores or hundreds of them. Air, water, sea life all destroyed.

Nuclear weapons proliferate. Ancient animosities still fester and explode into civil wars, trying to avenge atrocities committed centuries ago by committing more. Wars and animosities sprawl out into outer space, throwing billions of dollars to get a power advantage over others among ourselves on this tiny sphere.

Inner space is also afflicted. War in cyberspace emerges as the new cold war — the battle to pollute and not be polluted, arm wrestling for advantage in the incessant demand to acquire more wealth and influence that leads to more.

The United States, once a beacon of hope for democracy, has elected a dramatic personality who knows nothing of it, and shoves value questions into every mind and heart constantly. By the day and hour, he challenges us to decide what kind of leader we want, what kind of person we are. Do we want him or will we stand up and fight him? While I liken him to an anti-christ, he  inexplicably has millions of supporters. There are millions, let’s face it, who like his attitude and his outlier demagoguery. They have been waiting for him, and now they have inflicted  him upon us.

Perhaps it is just as it should be, then. He is a huge embodiment of whatever you deem him to be. The choice is ours. Are we critically perceptive or are we awash in the partisan belief systems that have been rammed at us for all of our lives?

Can you see reality or do you see a mirage? While Trump and his trashy rich cronies line their pockets with a self-serving tax cut and permanent destruction of the estate tax, his executive department appointees continue to serve the rich polluters by stripping away environmental regulations and taking over public lands to serve his profiteering donors.

The U.S. has pulled out of the global environmental alliance, the Paris Accords, to align with Syria instead. Our acrimony and deal-breaking has unleashed Iran as an avowed enemy. Our president’s financial servitude to Russian makes him their pawn. North Korea laughs at him and  uses him for photo ops. He is hell-bent for revenge against any slight. Psychiatrists have names for him, more accurate than those elementary school rants from his twitter finger. Still, millions continue to support him.

Fascist dictatorships posing as righteous governments are surging across the world — from the U.S. to Putin’s Russia, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia, strong men, the kind of amoral personalities Trump admires. He envisions Trump Towers everywhere and an oligarchy-fascist grip on most of the world’s wealth.  

Meantime, Christians, Jews and Muslims continue their historic intolerance for one another, a fatal flaw that bleeds out of all of the manmade, doctrine-chained religions. There is only one true religion —your relationship to the God spirit, the Universal Father of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that resides within you. In stillness you can find it. Churches don’t generally respect that, or your free will or your ability to think and decide issues on your own. They purport to be wise and you are not.

From your inner identity, as a soul with a body, there will come new and remarkable insights to you for this apocalyptic age. You will understand it and what you must do.

For the term of ‘apocalypse’ in its oldest history signified a massive unveiling of the Book of Wisdom to mankind’s enlightenment. As the legend aged, it became the term for a gigantic final battle of the forces of good and evil.

However you define the term, the years 2020 and beyond represent a time in history when knowledge is doubling itself in a matter of weeks but logical reason still seems confused, tangled and out of control. Where is the wisdom? How has the world gotten to a crisis state in which total annihilation seems to be a likely scenario, and all we hear is partisan rhetoric in order to sell us something for a profit.  We need to collectively wake up and see that these old ways won’t serve us any more. They will continue to systematically destroy us.

It is not a time for sales pitches for profits. We must move into an age of survival, sacrifice and sharing, building community instead of basking in our alienations and our home entertainment centers.

The truth is, we’ve been barraged by belief systems since we were children. They tell us what to believe without ever developing within us the skills of critical thinking that our free will existence demands. Values are not taught in schools; they are avoided. Otherwise, they might be polluted with the self-serving dogma of the four big players — Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Jews — all of whom are geared for defensive battle. Schools best stay out of morality and spirituality for young and impressionable minds and this creates a huge vacuum in education.

It isn’t filled with partisan schools that preach only their own theoretical doctrine. We need universal schools that reveal to us the presence and accessibility of God within us — our souls. We need to recognize dogma as theoretical for each path of God, none of it ever proven, most especially a fabricated place of eternal torment called “hell,” fomented by a jealous god.

Religions have gone amuck throughout history and are responsible for much killing and conquering other people. This continues, as well as the underlying strategies to take land, wealth and turn citizens into slaves to their specious doctrines.  

We still must tolerate the ancient Sunnis and Shi’as conflict today in their tribal-warlord vengeance reality, so much different from our 21st century matrix.

Israel continues to face off against its middle eastern tribal neighbors, no end in sight, only the reality of continued rocket attacks and retaliations.

With the the re-kindling of the cold war, we can rev up capitalism against communism and again find surrogates to fight in places like Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria. This all feeds the global arms industry and they continue to feed the politicians they have in tow. Be a Republican and buy war stocks. This is is how they want it to work.

We have swept many issues like this under the rug for a long time. With the planet and its people in increasingly open rebellion and our own country becoming an ever-festering boil of dysfunction, I believe we can indeed call all of this an Apocalypse, no exaggeration. The rugs are being pulled up for dusting. Procrastination is over.

I believe we can indeed more fully understand the issues we face and be more prepared to deal it them as we are able to shuck away the wrappings and corn silks of partisan confusions that permeate our lives — the constant attempts at mind-programming to sell wares or wile for profit. Blow it all off. A more clear of true reality will come from inside you — beyond the outer world of capitalistic commerce and political distortions. While pontifications for profit and power may permeate all around you, be not perturbed. The insights you need come from the pilot toward perfection that lives inside you — your Indwelling Spirit of God.

This inner searching leads not to mystical insights but rather to critical thinking, deepening your knowledge of how evolution works and revelation as well.

Critical thinking can show us the way. God is simple and makes perfect sense. Mankind complicates.

Can we find some simple wisdom during this Apocalypse?

I’ll be continuing this essay collection called “Apocalypse Adjustments” to provide my insights into these epic and epochal times, and publish soon ….. if I can.

After a dozen FIRE AX historic times issues, we now will shift into a quasi-daily Facebook newsletter that analyzes and comments on what the meandering and thicket challenged media doesn’t. Stay tuned and stay well.

FIRE AX 12 — Spring 2020


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