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SPIRITUAL VALUES relating to The Urantia Book are threaded into both  my fiction and new thought spirituality books. After my first novel, Dark Riders, explored themes of restless alienation and heroism, two more novels have developed time and space world mortal ascension plan (Be Ye Perfect) spiritual themes. The Alien Intimacies link a male protagonist with a feminine ET and an alien exploration; Edge of Dark Light brings him a profound weekend experience of mystery and violence.  

My nonfiction books include Beyond Cynicism: Liberating Voices from the Spirit Within, which includes Q/A with celestials calling themselves the One Team, various voices, one message. In Celestials over Cincinnati: Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time, I trace our experiences in transmitting celestial teachers from 1991-96, with transmitted lessons from scores of other teachers across the country.

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Ascending Apocalypse Vol.1

A New Birth For Mankind

Winning the War of Values and Intentions ... Finding Higher Perceptions to Grow our Souls ... Building new Spirit-Sustained Institutions.

The world confronts many crises.

• A pandemic kills and maims millions and spawns deadlier variants.

• An insurrection uncovered racist seeds in our core, and resistance to multiculturalism. Political partisans work to smother rational thought.

• Autocratic Hitler types threaten Democracy worldwide. Space and Cyberspace are new battlegrounds. Nuclear weapons of mass destruction proliferate.

• Global warming impacts hit ever-harder. Mother Nature fights our abuses with surging walls of wind, water and fire, collapsing icebergs and calamitous droughts.

Across this world of acrimony, there is Redemption underway, a time to confront our core alienations and forge new societies with spiritual values. It is a time of global correction.

Here is a plethora of provocative spirit-inspired essays and a treasury of direct transmissions from an array of celestial teachers serving our planet. They provide the keys to understanding current events, overcoming alienation and forging an altruistic future. This is a book for right now.

Spiritual Maturity

Lyrical Spirit

100 lessons for 100 days. Jim Cleveland collects lessons from the celestial teacher corps, featuring Christ Michael.

A collection of all poetry, lyric in various genres by Jim Cleveland, featuring the new Mad Millennium Music Mash-Up epic doggerel.

Gods, Demons & Genitalia

An Alternate Universe of Insightful Idiocies

Is the Sistine Chapel ready for Michelangelo's genitals?

Can Beavis and Butthead restore their sunken images in Helsinki?

Can the world recognize the danger posed by irreverent anarchist Bugs Bunny and his sordid lot?

Can village Elder Abner and saucy barmaid Eva create a better religion around euphoria?

Can sexual degradation be the key to a successful career of which teens are deprived?

Can autocrat Vladimir deal with a fallen, fault-riddled American president without using his revolver?

Do insurance buyers want to cope with a zoo full of weird creatures, a gecko, an emu, and Flo?

Can a Gingrich-driven G-string of GOP dirty tricksters find some real dirt on Biden beyond Geriatrics?

How did a call for water lead to major voting rights legislation and a heroine named Rosie?

As the answers unfold, questions are unveiled.

The Common Sense Georgia Guidestones

New book by Jim Cleveland on amazon reveals the name of the creator, reviews his career and includes his complete memoir, "Common Sense Renewed."

Apostles and Rebels

Conflicted aftermaths of a crucifixion. A new screenplay by Jim Cleveland, now on Amazon.

Mary, a widow from Nazareth, comes to Jerusalem to claim the body of her son, disgraced by the church, and executed by the Romans. A week later all is transformed, and she is honored as the mother of a risen savior. Characters include Pontius Pilate and Judas Iscariot, a band of conflicted apostles, rebellious Zealots, embattled Roman soldiers and a corrupt Sanhedrin.

Jim Cleveland

Books & E-Books


The URANTIA DISCOVERY: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness on our Home Planet; Introducing the Wisdom of the Urantia Book, a large collection of color photographs and nuggets of spiritual insight.




Here's an excerpt where marketers do some brainstorming about a new sensible super-hero they can bank.

Gods, Guns and Gentleman comprise our ruling class, but a freshman Congressman shares his own ideas with a pompous party whip.

Legally Looney — Cartoon characters go on trial for poisoning the mind of youth in our convoluted judicial courts.


Here's is a sample piece on the glorious discovery of Personal Religion and relief from slanted dogmas.