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Apostles and Rebels

Conflicted aftermaths of a crucifixion. A new screenplay by Jim Cleveland, now on Amazon.

Mary, a widow from Nazareth, comes to Jerusalem to claim the body of her son, disgraced by the church, and executed by the Romans. A week later all is transformed, and she is honored as the mother of a risen savior. Characters include Pontius Pilate and Judas Iscariot, a band of conflicted apostles, rebellious Zealots, embattled Roman soldiers and a corrupt Sanhedrin.

Beyond Baggage

A one-actor stage play with drop-in personalities from his past and angelic presences; deals with disposal of mental baggage from myopic, self-serving propaganda that permeates our lives. Also essays and celestial transmissions on the theme from the Council of Seven and the 11.11 Midwayers.