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Spiritual Poetry and Music CDs by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin, with Guest Artists.

Mark and I hope you enjoy these podcast programs and free tracks from our Soul Series of CDs, available at Our tracks of poetry interlaced with music are complemented by many soulful guest artists, and we'll introduce you to them and others as we go.

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Expressions in Dark and Light features:

Spread Love, The Mark Austin Band

• Face the Walls, poetry by Jim

• Love Remains, guest artist Dan Tyler

• Hard Days for Hire, Jim with a quintessential cowboy lyrical

• Please, Why? Environmental plea by Jim

• Time for a Healing, guest artist Lily Fraser

• To Soldiers and Their Widows, poetry by Jim


Vibrations of the Loving Spirit features:

• Low Clouds Roll by The Mark Austin Band

• Power of the Peace, lauding the daily Stillness, poetry by Jim

• Father's House, The Mark Austin Band

• Child Light, poetry by Jim, reading by Stephanie Gjerde

• If We Believe in Love by guest artist Barbara Hester

• Love Around Here Today, poetry by Jim

• A Child's Lullaby, guest artist Rick Brunson

• Light and Life, poetry by Jim


The Search for Higher Love features:

• Journey Without Distance, The Mark Austin Band

• Finding the Keys, poetry by Jim

• Love is We, poetry by Jim

• Lift Us, Mark Austin Solo Project

• Jesus the Liberal, poetry by Jim

• Feel Freedom, guest artist Charley Packard

• When Spirit is Free, poetry by Jim

• Ways and Means, poetry by Jim

• Will the Circle be Unbroken, the Mark Austin Blues Project


Tales of the Human Quest features:

• Truths of Several Kinds, poetry by Jim

• Well, Whaddya Know? by guest artist Richard Knox

• This Time Between, poetry by Jim

• Troublesome Waters, guest artist Lily Fraser

• Watch What They're Saying, guest artist Dan Tyler

• People Do, poetry by Jim

• Talkin' Apocalyptic Blues, talking blues satirical polemic

• See Inside, Mark Austin

• Road to Grace, poetry by Jim