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Expressions of Rage, Renaissance and Redemption

Once again, we rage against the injustices and the lies.

But first up, in my continuing battle against Trumpery, here’s a little piece inspired by a biblical piece …

The 23rd Qualms 2018

The Donald is my shepherd, I abide confused.

how he fools so many people with flim flam and ruse.

He demonizes refugees and calls them our enemy.

He builds walls, not bridges and lives in ignominy.

He makes objects of women and judges their value.

He’s rude to all people who are not just as shallow.

He leadeth me in the path of nationalistic false pride

pocked with the jaundice of racist subterfuge diatribes.

Yea, though we defend honor just by standing against him.

I will push for a great decency in a president.

I will defend my speech as a citizen resident.

I will speak loudly so everyone can hear.

Common sense that will ring in every ear.

Get rid of that sonuvabitch or the end is near!

He teareth down our environment

He gives our economy to the rich

He warmongers all across the world

to serve the violent military bitch.

Surely, these massive gaffes and mistakes will follow him

and eventually bring him down.

So I will rally with the world’s smart and caring people

to rip off his golden baby shit crown.

The White Nationalist Evangelicals continue to rail against some New World Order that seeks to enforce a horrible global agenda (translation: race mixing).

We actually do need a global agenda. We are serious divided into competing military powers. We are exercising little or no control over the planet’s environment and most nations are armed to the teeth against their ideological opposites. Money goes for arms, not food and shelter and quality of life.

We need a New World Order of some kind. This one is not working. Most all wealth is concentrated with the rich, and ultimately squandered on weapons of war, the waging of war, mass burials, and re-building the catastrophic destruction caused by war.

If the international banking system managed to finally get control of all wealth, then could they fulfill their promise to deliver World Peace by refusing to fund war -- and using all diverted funds for people programs in agriculture, construction, civilization building?

One day, will Mr. Rothschild and his luminous friends say: We are in control now. No more money for war, but we will continue to fund the millions of charities we are now funding and more actively work toward stabilizing a number of countries that have fallen into ruin under the old acrimonious system, like Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, South Sudan, Venezuela, Angola and others. Break the grip of money-sucking dictators in the world, all posing as something else.

With the Illuminati controlling the world currencies, the logical thing is to do is to make the world peaceful and prosperous. Funding war is counterproductive when you have all the money and have nothing to fight. Money can be used to enhance your investment in the world, not destroy it time and again in an endless cycle of vengeful violence.

Does anyone believe they would do this? I wonder. No one sees this happening but it’s very logical. But logic doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor in any other arena I know. I do know that …

The Trump-driven GOP strategy is to create false new definitions of terms such as Globalism if it works against their profits. They make a term something bad and then scream it incessantly -- like Globalism ....One-Worlders ... Liberals .... Socialists .... Welfare Staters ... Elitists ... Fake News ... Bleeding Hearts ... Lying Ted and Lazy Jeb and Crooked Hillary and Crazy Ben and Little Rubio.

Trump got confused and started calling everybody names, including his own party, which is now lined up about 99 percent against him. Hopefully, the massive dumbing down of American culture will bottom out soon and we can start moving in the other direction, toward critical thinking, logic, caring for our fellow man, building society instead of wallowing in ignorance and non-participation and bitching about everything anyway. We need some kind of New World Order and it’s not dictatorships, which seems to be a trend.

Despots seem to love despots. Trump's would-be friends are Duarte, Erdogan, Putin, Bibi, and people like Hitler. He’s also a white supremacist who thinks dark races are inferior and all women must meet his standards of beauty and behavior. He has sucked up to the Saudis recently in order to instigate and support their conflict with Iran, which has become his sworn enemy.

He also collaborates with Netanyahu to embolden him to attack Syria with air strikes. Bibi is mad because Israel wasn't part of the Iran agreement, so he had Trump tear it down so he can be his usual war hawk self.

Palestine needs a patch of land somewhere that Jews aren't allowed and they can live their simple tribal lives in peace and without being embattled with housing and shopping mall projects inside concrete fortresses, all supported by a nuclear powered military which is much stronger than frustrated Palestinian teenagers throwing rocks. Separate these people; they hate each other and vengeance is an indelible brand that will never go away.

Amazingly, Israel, a nuclear power with a massive military has to kill a legless man with a slingshot. With extreme good fortune like David over Goliath, he could possibly have launched a rock that could have put a small dent in one of their war helmets. May the soldiers who put him down have the Karmic nightmares that they deserve and will assuredly receive.

Martyred Legless Hero lament: May as well die because life is shit. Before I go can I make just one direct hit. I dedicate it to all my family and friends who have gone before me, several of them ripped into pieces as my legs were ripped from me. I will never forget the children who died …

In 1948, the allied powers carved out a new nation for Israel and war broke out between Arabs and Jews. Hostilities continue. Maybe it's time we carved out the country of Palestine. They don’t have any of the vast monetary wealth controlled by the Jewish people, but maybe they can get the sheep population and olive crops back up to speed.

As Trump goes down in coming weeks, it's encouraging that he will also bring down some other swamp creatures with him -- sex gropers and the hollywood couch, the NRA pontificating itself into radical status, gun zealots who can't stand up to a nation of high school and college students demanding more safety, the white nationalists who have become higher profile and more despicable.

Police brutality and excessive force is now in clear view also. International money laundering and the power of both American and Russian oligarchs will be in clear view. Incessant Putin meddling in everything and killing his enemies; we all see it now.

We ask why 1 percent have 99 percent and blow all of the money on their war industries, where they own stock. We see that most politicians went to Washington to serve the corruption already in their hearts and minds in the first place, and they need to summon some honor or we will respond.

It's a time for Revelation everywhere, the underbelly of the fat rich pigs of the world is being rolled over for exposure, with every teat occupied by the sucking corruption that permeates all our institutions. Trump is a catalyst for all of this -- apocalyptic unveilings, clouds wafting from our material eyes to see with clear spirit eyes.

Take a hand. Wherever you like. Big Pharma is out of control. Public schools are dying while the Red State blood leeches give tax breaks to the rich for their private schools. We all see it now. A revolutionary progressive backlash is coming.

So, too, there is a coming progressive backlash against divisive religious structures that greatly retard the world’s people learning to respect each other and work together.

Religions have always seriously overstepped their authority. A person's diet and sexuality is none of their business. And they should never insult the human mind by telling it what to believe.

Everything they offer is theoretical while real life discernments, evaluations and judgments should be strictly ours and we should learn to think critically as our heavenly father intended. That shouldn't include the bias they all have against opposing religions, nor the countless religious wars that have brought suffering and death to millions over the generations.

Due to human arrogance, religions have been a detrimental force for a progressive society, stuck in ancient, acrimonious dogma that should be junked. It seems impossible for them to respect one another because of outward physical appearances. Human mind remains shackled to animalism and fettered by materialism; religions offer some good values to consider but fall apart before they can grasp altruism and love for one another.

The Southern Baptists rationalized slavery with the stupid Ham story because cotton barons were their source of support. They justified segregation to keep white racists coming and giving. In recent years as membership plummeted, they reversed course to get black membership and even elected a black preacher to head up. As always they adapt to the times in pursuit of the money.

But they still haven't learned to respect Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Spiritists, Pantheists, agnostics, or people who want to make their own mental judgments, sexual decisions and personal life choices other than their dogma. If you find great comfort and security in a church family, it likely means you don't trust your own mind and even fear it and think it can fool you.

The church can fool you better, and even make you fearful of a place they invented -- hell. It is only a mental construct to induce tithes. No money? Then no huge edifices which purport to be the house of God when actually you yourself are that house of God -- a wonderful creation of mind-body-spirit in which we should revel and celebrate in worship. Evolving world religions should be a place to free your mind and spirit, not imprison it in a sea of homilies and mysticism.

In truth, religious dogma should not even exist. It gets behind you and God, you and your Father.

I am totally amazed in my senior years how many lessons we could learn from history, and how many times we miss the point completely. I am studying how many times this is intentional and self-serving, to take properties.

An example is the Jewish tribes and their Canaan that God promised them. They slaughtered all the Canaanites or ran them away since it was excellent land and fertile for grapes (wine!) Many died, many villages desroyed.

But it was okay since the Canaanites had a different name for God. Ironically, these Jewish tribes were, in effect, savages, a name we’ve long bestowed on those ‘uncivilized’ people whom we believe are inferior to ourselves. Wiping out enemy villages makes you a savage without doubt.

In biblical faux history, it was recorded as a glorious discovery of a gift from God to his chosen and preferred people. In reality it was just another genocide which blasphemes the name of God by assuming that God approves the slaughter of his children.

No. My views are not radical. The religions of the planet are all radical, proof being they oppose one another. Spirituality is very, very simple, so simple that many people miss it entirely. They are looking for world solutions and the power of institutions. These things are meaningless compared to one's own soul, and the souls of our brothers and sisters throughout this very tiny, out of the way planet.

Fortunately, as planned, the spirit of the Universal Father lives inside all of us so we don't have to do this huge life challenge and opportunity by ourselves. Guidance comes from within. It's propaganda that comes from without.

Here’s a big part of world propaganda history. Consider this …

Hitler declared himself some kind of Christian Nationalist, which is a contradiction in terms.  He demonized the Jewish people to get their money. Today, Trump demonizes all immigrants and refugees and with his secret agenda hidden from view — they are all non-white and are inferior as a race. He may think he is righteous, given he has a sick mind.

The Popes and Romans actually considered themselves righteous when they virtually obliterated the Greek religions, destroying temples, torturing and dismembering priestesses and parading their body parts in the streets. It was okay because they were pagans and had several gods, none of them the right one.

The Pope's armies were appropriately dressed in black and they demonized 'heathens.' Later the Protestants rose in fury at the Catholic corruptions and killed thousands in turn, tortured the priests, raped the nuns and declared it all a victory. Well … screw them all.

God has been represented extremely awful on this planet while we kill as many of his children as we possibly can and build weaponry that can destroy mass numbers and even the entire world. That'll show 'em whose god is better!

In truth, all true religion is personal and no one is supposed to take power over it or make money from it.

We ARE our indwelling spirits, having a material experience in the evolving time and space worlds, to do our part in the finite amount of time in the flesh. Later, we will serve as ascending personalities on the spirit side, and get more experiences in universe education, learning ourselves all the while. Ascension is our mission to ‘be ye perfect’ as our Creator.

A Course in Miracles wants students to identify with their spiritual core, in the world but not of it, in a higher state of mind and being. This can be done.

The Urantia Book calls it "universe awareness and cosmic consciousness." We see the events of the world as temporal, ever changing, evolving and always providing service opportunities to use our talents throughout all the generations.

One can get a glimpse of this massive overview of all Creation and its incredible beauty via medicinal “magic” mushrooms, looking down upon it with new insights and broader understandings. But mankind always wants to criminalize Euphoria. It might lead to a higher level of consciousness and we would no longer buy so many useless plastic objects or go to slasher movies. (-:

And so …. the Trump fiasco continues to fester and confound. Religions continue to preach their one-and-only-us philosophy and paint everyone else as a godless rival. Myopic partisans run amuck and plaster their voices across all social media with preachments that ignore the facts and try to sell me the fantasies and do it only with name-calling.

As a Urantia Book co-author bemoans …. “Such a life on such a planet.” We are a rebellion world and we love Rebels …. just a little too much.

Love and Light to all, and with the courage of stand against Corruption. There’s plenty of it.

— Thanks for the visit … FIRE AX Issue 7


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