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It was a shocking revelation that came to me. I was stunned to realize what has been happening in this Trump regime. With all the vehement criticism I’ve heaped on him over the months, why didn’t I see it?

His mission is to overthrow the government. He has no appreciation for Democracy or human values. He wants to join the enviable Vladimir Putin in a global oligarchy that will control all the world. He knows that Putin is ruthless, like him, and together they can corral the loyalty of billionaires to cement power and control. He pointedly noted that they control virtually all the nuclear bombs in the world. This was a clue.

In this mission, Trump even now calculates how he can manipulate accounting to give the billionaires yet another windfall of wealth to follow up the corporate welfare tax bill. How could they not support his American regime that lavishes wealth on them and stacks all of the legislation to suit their wishes? He can maintain power, he believes.

In Russia, Putin demands that anyone doing business cut him in. Nothing is done without the regime’s cooperation, and competitive businesses are eliminated with the same ruthlessness as are political opponents. He is able to trump up false charges and imprison them, or just murder them.

Everything that Trump has said and done so far supports the theory that he wants dictatorial control, like Putin, and wants Congress and the courts to be pliant to his wishes. Already, his appointees have set about destroying most government regulations in the executive branch.

The oligarchy is opposed to any environmental restrictions that impede their lust for riches, especially the petroleum industries which would like to seriously retard their competition from clean, renewable energies and continue to serve as middleman profit makers on oil coming from the middle east. Trump has tried to cement a Saudi Arabia alliance for oil and with mutual demonization of Iran, which is populated by another kind of Muslim that the Saudis don’t like.

Trump has coddled dictators like Kim Jong Un, Duerte, and Erdogan since they all can fall conveniently into the Putin-Trump global orbit when they take over. And since he is infected with innate jealousy and animosity, he defies people like Angela Merkel (an assertive woman) and Justin Trudeau (handsome and articulate). It’s all personal with this golden-spoon baby and he throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

Of course, he has amazingly developed a strong worldwide cadre of important people who hate his guts and are, in fact, sworn enemies. He has made them so. Even the Koch brothers have withdrawn from him and will fight him with all their money from now on.

He continues to alienate whole blocs of voters, potential supporters and governments throughout the world, from England to China to a storm ravaged Puerto Rico, to whom he has turned his back. His tariff pomposity tears at a core of Republicanism — free trade.

While Trump may think his voter base will carry him, they are shrinking and being reduced to loudmouthed yahoos such as we saw in Tampa at a recent rally, where the goons hurled insults at the news media at his instigation. These Trumpets speak for themselves to the voting masses, as he does every time he opens his little round hole and waves that tiny finger in the air.

He becomes more reviled daily and ridiculously keeps rushing out to his primitive little voter base to feed his ego and give him hope. The daily lying continues and had reached over 4,200 lies in the Washington Post count recently. The dreck goes on.

This, of course, is Trump’s ‘fake media’ and he would have you believe he can defend those hundreds of lies. He has yet to do so for any of them, and he continues to spew in the manner he always has — as a hyperbolic real estate shark who has never been held accountable for lying before and can’t understand that the U.S. Presidency is a different ball game. He has never held any public office and brings that to the table in his bizarre governance.

As for fake media like the Washington Post and New York Times, they are held accountable for every sentence they print by the law. Errors bring lawsuits. Editorials are clearly marked as opinion and they are educated by the facts. Take it or leave it. Brainwashing on the other hand is something that Trump supporters practice daily to keep them clean of intellectual thought.

Can Trump-Putin assemble their global hierarchy? No. Putin thinks he’s stupid and just wants to take advantage of him, not join him in an international alliance, given his unsavory boorishness. It has been easily done so far, given Trump’s patronizing, kiss-ass, real estate salesman personality when he is confronted with a strong presence in the room. He disdained preparedness and his usual seat-of-the-pants management only left a big brown stain in Helsinki.

Similarly, Kim Jong Un has used him for a photo-op in order to elevate himself to the same eminence as a U.S. President and brag to his people how he stood up and shined. Meantime, he continues to build a missile force to show that he is powerful and will protect North Korea from the kind of bombings that wiped out his country during the Korean War. We bombed the hell out of them; karma comes around like a merry go-round of phony snorting horses.

While dictators continue to rub elbows with Trump to suit their own public relations, he continues to dismantle all of the efforts toward global cooperation that his predecessors left for him, the North American trade agreements; the Iran nuclear accords; the Trans-Pacific Alliance, the global warming initiative enacted by all of the world except us. He turns global cooperation into a mindless vacuum to exert his ego-driven hiring and firing power. He thinks he’s still on a TV show and he’s the boss.

He brazenly suggested that the G-7 powers open their doors to the Russian bear that wants to overwhelm them in his reconstruction of the Soviet Union dictatorship. He stormed off bitching about Germany getting critical fuel oil from Russia, his great new friend. Inexplicable spite.

Trump has been railing and bitching about our cooperation with other countries since the Reagan years, when he bought full page ads to condemn our trade policies and insist he is smarter. To him, other nations are nothing more than parcels of real estate with owners whom he can beat in a deal. He believes that he is boss over all our government and should be free to beat the rest of the world and pull more money into the U.S. for our rich people’s business interests, especially his. He seems to think the Secretary of State reports to him, and not the people. He can’t seem to grasp that.

Blatantly, he and his sons maintain all control over everything that is Trump business. He has conceded nothing to the presidency and refuses to show the people his tax returns, knowing that they reveal many years of financial entanglements with Russian banks and mobsters, all of them beholden to Putin. No one cares about those tax returns, he asserts, and blows right on by.

Unfortunately, he is blowing right toward another bankruptcy. Blithely, arrogantly he has blundered time and again by serving his ego and building those phallic-life gold towers around the world, with Russian money, to serve partially as home base and money laundering centers for any oligarchy wanting to use them. When he coddles dictators he knows they have stolen money to get out of their countries, and he’s looking for laundry business, globally.

His dreams for Trump Airlines, vodka and steaks, luxuries for the 1 percent, went bust, of course. So did his vice-ridden gambling casinos. And, ironically, the Trump brand name that he wanted to impose as a global icon is plummeting like a rock these days. When impeachment hits, that rock is going to make a massive splash. Real estate values will plummet; towers will be roped off as crime scenes.

Our rich people won’t go down with him, they’ll throw him under the train. Fact is, there is much more honor in our 1% than he recognizes. The rich consider him to be a con man, a deadbeat and bullshit artist. Most New York voters consider him a blight. The Fortune 500 hates communists, almost as bad as the rank and file GOP. They are aghast at his blatant tariff buffoonery.

The five huge banks that won’t give him credit won’t support him. They suffered his six bankruptcies, his myriad of lawsuits for fraud and his general obnoxious presence for years before the whole nation was inflicted with him. They find his Trump University to be a laughable excuse for higher education. It should have been labeled a grade school for making money in real estate.

That is mostly done by sitting on your golden ass and watching your property values go up. In anything other than that, Trump has been a failure. Russian money holds him up and Putin wields it like a whip hand over his ridiculously coiffured head.

The Kochs are in open defiance. He called them ‘globalists’ in his efforts to make that one of his newest bad word tag lines, that substitute for complete sentences and thoughts. He said they had bad ideas. Those would be the ones they share with the entire global business world while Trump sucks up to white nationalist bigotry ideas and disregards logic.

He now gets the Koch Kiss of Death. How ironic. We need to be global in our thinking and our decisions. Duh. We need to have friends in the world and work with them. Trump thinks he’s a prize fighter, in it to show he’s tough and will win. Simplistic.

His appalling public manner and calloused attitude has enraged millions of voters against him. His petulant and radical border response of separating thousands of mothers and babies out of pure spite is abhorrent to people throughout the world and virtually destroys any hope the GOP might have had for getting brown-skinned voters anywhere in the U.S. for many years to come.

His actions have been a shocking repudiation of our country as the land of the free, home of the brave and celebrating justice and compassion, values of Christians, goodness. Ask him about mothers and children and he wants to talk about violent hispanic gangs, ironically the ones from which these refugees are seeking asylum.  

How do you battle street gangs by tearing apart families? These courageous mothers struggled across many miles of terrain with their children — at least they had each other to cling to, one person who loved them, and could be free of the violent rapists, thieves, gangs and corrupt governments from which they fled.

They made it together. But at the border, they tried to cross as refugees and were seized as criminals, children and mothers torn apart and shipped away like the nazis did to the Jews. They only had each other to cling to, and he ripped that away and incarcerated all of them. He has a cold heart, crusted over by his fatty, fulminating ego bluster that feeds conflict and fuels divisive, arrogant judgments.

I am not sure how our nation can make amends and live this down, but we can vote out the despicable perpetrators and denounce them. Then the U.S. government can look for criminal activity in earnest, and uncover all the activities that will put the golden boy into an orange suit. Perhaps he and Manafort can one day play checkers in the prison recreation room and bitch about witch hunts.

So I do believe the nation as a whole, including the GOP, will rise up and take this country back from this narcissist personality disorder who is constantly feeding his bloated, acrimonious, offensive and defensive Ego. It will be a glorious day in our national history and hundreds of thousands will be celebrating in the streets. Millions of car horns will be blowing; many will find fireworks to explode.

That is a far cry from the 2016 election when more than half of the eligible voters stayed home, when Trump edged out and destroyed his GOP oppositions with narrow pluralities in primaries while others, all more decent than him, split their votes and lost. Trump’s base of less than 25 percent of Americans even fell three million votes short of Hilary Clinton — and he still won the damned thing!

America has now been awakened to what can happen. Many never understood how Hitler could come to power in a civilized, progressive country. Now they do, a great history lesson, but we are faced with the consequences.

Ironically, once more, the American electorate mass which I have never trusted and sometimes berated and finally seemingly ruined us with Trump, now has the responsibility to clean up their mess, to recognize decency as a value once more, to disdain empty name-calling propaganda and use their own minds to see reason.

Trump is psychotic, and he does want to overthrow our government. He wants to make it a dictatorship and he wants alliances with other strong-man rulers whom he admires and sees as profitable partners in crime. He wants a war with Iran to pump up war stocks and petroleum and believes that would get him the allegiance of the Pentagon, the war industries and the members of Congress who fatten their stock portfolios with war investments. He also thinks the American voters will support during a trumped-up war.

He is wrong on all counts. The Pentagon fears him and does not respect him, and is aware that he knows little or nothing about the job he is in. General Kelly is still around to keep an eye on him and prevent him from doing anything really dangerous, and reel him in when his Twitter voice overloads his ass.

The American electorate will ride the Trump realities into a wave of successful Democratic candidates in November. Meantime, the Mueller investigation gets closer to the nucleus, at the moment convicting Manafort and flipping him to give testimony for a lesser sentence. This will unravel the long Russia-Trump money laundering spool, and broader financial misconduct dating back to the early 2000’s. That’s when Trump sank his business ship and needed money that the Russians were glad to provide … for a price.

Survival to another election seems to be a long shot for Trump. The tide continues to turn against him daily, fueled incessantly by his own psychotic ramblings, all being used to build a case for obstruction of justice. The man Twitters away his presidency; what is his late night condition when he goes off the rails? I personally don’t think it’s coffee. I wouldn’t be surprised to see white powder sticking to his nose hairs.

And I don’t think of anything that refutes my radical seeming idea that he is really trying to overthrow our government, pervert what we stand for, inject a killing dictatorial arrogance that makes him charge the American free press as the ‘worst people in the world.’

On that matter, he has attacked the free press and the first amendment relentlessly. And, come to think of it, when he uttered those words against the media many months ago, he sealed his ultimate doom right there.

Then he made it easy for them by exhibiting psychotic behavior and making arrogant, false statements constantly. It has become so incredibly easy for the ‘worst people in the world’ to strike back because all they have to do is report what he does and says and share with the people their ideas about it.

Trump’s end will come from suicide by cancer. He tries to subvert the country and set up a dictatorship and fails. The media will effectively and ironically make a case that he himself is the ‘worst person in the world.’ Like me, they will begin to see that he and Putin are a  dynamic Beavis and Butthead pairing that goes way back.

Nixon was the last U.S. President who declared war on the media and it didn’t work out well for him. Truth bites hard. I look forward to seeing Trump debarking on his helicopter for the last time, flashing not a victory sign but likely the middle finger. This will make the remaining holdouts to be haters of Trump as well, and strong supporters of all the legal actions that will come against him.

To the end, he will make bad decisions, no doubt. He has never stopped. He has never even recognized that any of them were bad. They couldn’t be. He’s perfect.

It may be that he will finally take refuge in Russia from legal actions in the U.S. But let’s go back and explore this premise more deeply. It seems so far-fetched; it requires a re-visit.

It is logical that since the early 2000’s and his disastrous casino and hotel bankruptcies that he had to fall in with a German bank and those Russia banks. He developed numerous investments around the world in conjunction with their oligarchy and the lucrative inside tracks it provided.

Sometime along the way, he actually began plotting to run for President. In 2013 during his Miss Universe pageant in Russia, much of the groundwork was laid for a Trump candidacy. They agreed to support him and celebrate greater friendship with the U.S., a win-win situation.

With Hillary Clinton being virtually coronated on the Democratic ticket, her perceived vulnerabilities and a weak field of GOP contenders, 2106 seemed an ideal time to run. By strongly appealing to the bias belt of white GOP voters in the old Confederacy with blowhard anti-liberal rhetoric, they could easily be enticed into his fold compared to the likes of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and young Mario Rubio, who came across as seriously unprepared.

So the Russians ran their candidate, friend and partner to the Putin oligarchy, amenable to cooperating with their aggressive foreign policy, and with plans to eliminate the troublesome Obama era economic sanctions that are impairing and depressing the Russian economy. A principal task of Manafort in the campaign was to help relieve those sanctions and doctor the GOP platform to get them removed.

The news is beginning to note that Manafort agreed to serve as campaign manager without salary. Trump accepted. He was at the time, and has long been on the Russian payroll with involvements in Ukraine.

This is the country from which Putin seized the Crimea and its extremely valuable seaport and decorated the takeover with an election they managed and Russian troops battling to the death against Ukrainian government forces. The war continues. The Russians shot down an airliner full of people. This is reality, not the paper airplane Trump rides around in.

With every action of his Presidency, Trump furthers the Russian agenda and expands his wealth and it seems less than far-fetched that they’ve been fostering him for a long time. Trump and Putin together won in 2016 and the old-fashioned lying Russian propaganda machine hacked the world to make it happen.

If he were not a tyrant in his own right, you could rightly call Trump a Russian dupe. He does their biding, but he has the same biding — wealth and power.

If he had more intelligence and didn’t allow his psychotic ego to control him, Trump might be able to pull off his revolution, actually make himself a monarch. I am so grateful he’s not very smart, and that he fills the air with revealing idiocy day by day, hour by hour.

The American electorate has made many bad decisions but redemption is on the way; Anybody But Trump could win the election right now. Kasich, Rubio and Romney will recapture the GOP under an ironic Anti-Trump banner and will be formidable candidates against the Democrats. The new Republicans will try to appear courageous by shucking away the usurper and fumigating the party premises. This likely won’t work too well in the face of Democratic opposition, but it’s the inevitable path. There will not be a Trump banner to run on.

The Trump era will be remembered as an attempted coup by a minority base. But the American people ultimately wouldn’t give up their personal values and their nation’s heralded values in order to accommodate an ostentatious land shark who can’t even identify those values, and would be against them if he did.

The end is near for the entrenched sins he represents; the beginning is coming for a new era built around caring values and managed by caring people, who will remember this brief Trump era as a shock wave that woke up civilization.


Insurance HMO giants and their multi-million dollar executives command the GOP. They do not want to insure people who aren't well. They want to make a large profit off every policy holder and avoid paying claims if it is at all possible and to get rid of you if you get sick.

It's capitalism, folks, all take and no give and they justify it by demeaning everyone else as being the same kind of person they are. Dog eat dog and dominate. Capitalism is cancer and it is always eating. It has eaten up financial security for most families who are just one capitalistic termination or one capitalist real estate bubble collapse or one gigantic medical bill away from economic ruin.

The GOP fights to make it difficult to even declare bankruptcy and their banks had just as soon see millions of bank foreclosed properties sitting vacant and deteriorating while people are living in cardboard boxes on the streets of Miami.

Attorney General Sessions is part of the white supremacist church of Dixie. It supported slavers and condemned blacks from the bible story of Ham; they had the money to build and support the church and the blacks were only "savages" like they taught in the Western Civilization twisted history books.

They supported segregation because "God a'mighty' didn't support race mixing, that's why he made black and white and brown and red and yellow etc. And they're just so superior as a race that they shouldn't have to eat or go to school with blacks or even give them a decent job.

Today, southerners complain loudly about the 'welfare state' that helps poor people when it's only a sliver of the budget and the war industries command nearly 60 percent. Most of the poor people being helped are their fellow citizens and they've run off most investment money with their persistent racism, but they don't seem to care as long as they can remember the good old days on the family farm, which Big Biz wiped out long ago.

The eternal battle is between people who want to get High and those who want to stop them because it somehow adversely affects them. They are afraid to get High themselves because they think they might get addicted to it or it might be a sin.

They condemn those who do over some kind of false ethics and morality claim. It's not immoral to get high or even to have sex. It's immoral to trample on people's free will to make decisions; even God doesn't interfere with that.

Thanks for considering … good wishes to all.

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