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Let’s make sense of a health care industry centered around profiteering.

A lot of doctors are becoming increasingly pissed off at Big Pharma and there are numerous reasons why. They are even corrupting university research and the medical journals with their incessant pay-off money spewing. And they spend a vast fortune buying politicians with donations and lobbying and another one advertising their warnings-laden drugs to pay off the big news media. They buy it all and I call it corruption.

When will the pols and the media and the universities get off the teat and represent the people. US drug prices are among the highest in the world and the government has to pay their excessive markups with taxpayer money. A disgrace. No bargaining power.

Vote in Democrats and we will get a strong effort toward Universal health coverage, including medicines. Everyone in, everybody pays, everybody benefits and never another family bankruptcy from blockbuster medical expenses.

The Health Care industry loses billions of dollars from unpaid bills because the patient had none but demanded treatment. Yes, give him treatment but he should have had a personal or family health care plan and should have been paying into it from the beginning to insure his solvency -- not insurance to rich middlemen but directly into a government supported monetary fund that goes straight to health care providers and avoids the billion dollar HMO's.

Who needs them to rake off a big profit for their rich executives when they provide no health care at all, and must be presented with enormous bills by the health care industry to cover their big profits and the uninsured patients they’re forced to serve.Then they jack up the people's premiums so that families are burdened with high insurance costs, healthy or not, healthy lifestyle or not.

Don’t we all see how the system is a serious mess, designed to serve the HMOs?  Their executive officers are all millionaires and pulling in more money every day to burden the people paying high premiums and exorbitantly priced medical charges.  

From The Urantia Book 71;6:1 Present-day profit-motivated economics is doomed unless profit motives can be augmented by service motives. Ruthless competition based on narrow-minded self-interest is ultimately destructive of even those things which it seeks to maintain. Exclusive and self-serving profit motivation is incompatible with Christian ideals--much more incompatible with the teachings of Jesus."

The precious life of a pest

I was chatting on Facebook with a few folks who said they wouldn’t kill an insect or any living creature because life is sacred. So I was thinking:

The idea that insects have little souls is bizarre. Only human animals are imbued with an indwelling spirit once we are old enough to make moral decisions. That indwelling conscience is your guidance to truth, beauty and goodness, an inner “thought adjuster” to help us rise above simple survival territorial thinking of animal life to an altruistic spiritual level of thought which puts love and caring above animosity. God created evolution so that everything evolves; if it doesn't, there is no point in it.

One of the great challenges of evolving humankind is animal husbandry. We face interaction challenges dealing with domestication, dairying, meat slaughters, mosquito and ant control, venomous predators, ticks, sewer rats, piranhas and expensive tropical birds. The choices we make seem significant to our continuing evolution as humans and as societies.

Are we capable of vermin and disease control? Is protecting our garbage cans worth the life of a raccoon? Are we cruel to beasts or are we compassionate? Do we have irrational hatred of snakes and kill them all? Can we use beasts for labor in a symbiotic but sharing relationship?

Just how far will we carry domestic pet adoration and will we continue to spend countless millions on pet care at animal super markets? Will we always have millions of starving stray animals? Will we always have pit bull and cock fights and bullfights and trophy hunting? Can we have compassion for animals and treat them well? All are challenges for humans who want to have salvation for their souls or who represent themselves with acrimony while doing our experiential learning and growing in the flesh.

The life of a tick or an ant is not sacred. At this level, the definition of life is mostly concerned with animation, movement, diet perpetuation. At the level of a mouse, one sees personality characteristics and a little brain making decisions. What is our human attitude at that level, if they're raising a family in your walls and raiding your pantry?

Should we just chill out and go watch some Tom & Jerry cartoons? Or we could put out poison so they could writhe in pain, suffer and die, the whole little family clutching to one another in agony? Or you can get a new electronic sound device that sends them off screaming and holding their little ears so they run outside and freeze to death or fall victim to your murderous, savage cat.

Animal husbandry is an issue and so is pest management.

Borderline Idiocy

Why this mythical concern over drugs coming in with penniless immigrants looking for work? They flow in endlessly in trucks, cars, ships, boats, planes and maybe a tunnel or so. And the profits are used to buy US arms that go the other way, on trucks, cars, ships, boats, planes and maybe a tunnel or two. Powder goes north; arms go south. You never hear anything about this two-way reality.

The Trump Dump wants to build an $18 billion plus wall that doesn't keep out trucks, cars, ships, boats, planes, and maybe a tunnel or two. But the wall reportedly stops jack rabbits and gila monsters cold, and they are obliged to dig under it. This will likely set off alarms over thousands of miles and we will need to send soldiers to shoot those hares and reptiles.

I've heard that those rabbits are born rapists.

Facebook Flatulence can be so overwhelming.

The world is so ruined. It's them Zionists, Rothschilds, Soros, Luciferians, Liberals, news media, Pedophile, Illuminati, bad ET's, black people, immigrants, Bushes, Queen Elizabeth, NY Jews, Virgin sacrificers!! Or else it's them Capitalist, Faux news, Trumpsters, Communists, Koch Brothers, the GOP, the White Nationalists, KKK, Me Too, Putin’s pooting, and red state hillbillies!!

I have done extensive research recently into all these accusations and have found that it's all fake, false flag news. I'm not exactly sure the nucleus and root of all Evil yet, but I'm closing in. I'm pretty sure it's a guy they call Eddie.

Our Moments of Momentous Change Misunderstood

It’s all around us and quickening.

The Celestials call it The Time of Correction on the Lucifer rebellion planets. Now underway. Adjudication. Apocalypse (great unveilings) and Armageddon (good vs. evil showdown based on unveilings.)

It's all happening but maybe not just how we envisioned it would be. Adjudication, acrimony, the ultimate clash of our Values. What does the Trump heard loudly around the world mean to you? What are your values? Why are we all dominated by Capitalist Dictators? Communist Dictators? Tinpot Dictators across Africa and South America?

Are there higher values than having a lion's share of the world's wealth going to War Weapons, including thousands of nukes that could now destroy the world a hundred times over? Values anyone? The Correcting Time is underway. To get more insights connect with the Indwelling Spirit.

Shades of gray confuse and immobilize most people. They must have black-white clarity. With the Golden Fleece in the White House, now every soul can clearly see the face of the fleece-less Golden Calf motives in all its cud-chewing reality, and understand perfectly what they don't want and will not tolerate any more. It’s like: Wake the Fuck Up, Self! Many people have.

It required this massive pile of Trumpery for people to really stir up their higher selves, to renew our interest to study and understand the critical issues in our lives. We have taken a stable and honorable government for granted too long.

We must now simply outvote our underworld of ignorant bigots and take our government back. We have to take an active hand all the time in a democracy or the oligarchs will put up their own candidates and control them for their own benefits.

We need to get beyond having two clusters of special interest money called political parties fighting for control of our government. It should not be management vs. labor all the time. It's possible to work together for people of good will.

So .... Armageddon is underway .... apocalyptic unveilings are happening every day. Enjoy your time span on this time and space world. History is unfolding in front of you, and quickening by the day.

I see the final Low. As Trump flies away for good on the helicopter, he doesn't flash the Nixon victory fingers. He turns and moons the crowd and the TV audience. From this absolute Low, then the country can begin to rebuild.

Does this all make Putin look good by comparison?

I have a good friend who has recently championed Putin as a world leader, his cause admittedly augmented by comparison with Trump’s ineptitude I responded with one of my usual rants.

Putin destroyed hopes for democracy with his oligarchy of the rich and takes money and launders it across the world. He murders political opponents and even charismatic newcomers with bullets, poison or false imprisonment, such as the martyr who led to the Obama sanctions.

He kills dissidents even in other countries with heinous nerve gas. He seized the Crimea with an invasion and takeover. He launched civil war in Ukraine to blunt their opposition and their growing relations with NATO, his sworn enemy. He wants to absorb the Baltic countries into his power orbit and NATO has to bulk up to prevent it.

His KGB like agencies (with a new name) run a worldwide spy network that sows lies into all democratic elections and turns our computers into cyber warfare battlefields.

He brags of a new super missile that can hit the US as if that should even be in a conversation since it could also hit Greenland or Mongolia.

He is a pompous ass. He thinks our democracy is a sham run by rich capitalists and that's exactly what he is, but by another name and without any scruples at all.

He likes to commit murder and appreciates its power. He holds a sham election to get the phony glorification of being elected. He poses as a world leader when his own country is in an economic mess and wedded to a fading oil and gas industry, unless he can work with Tillerson, Trump and the GOP to keep it rolling over natural energy.

He has disgraced his nation by doping athletes in the Olympics, thereby cheating against every other country in the world. They have a long, long history of biased judges, to the point of outrage in some cases. They were banned from the ParaOlympics too, because they systemically drug their disabled athletes too.

That's for starters. He hates the US -- that too, and that's enough really.

Communists have always shown their true colors after a pack of lies,

The working class people do NOT rule under Communism. It was only promised that they would rule. Once they take over, it becomes a dictatorship, an autocracy, as in Russia, China, and Cuba. By the same token, Capitalism promises Democracy for the people, but it doesn't turn out that way either. The working people get screwed in both systems and never run anything, but at least we're up to electing honorable people, like Obama, sometimes, and the commies are stuck in the Ivan the Great mode; they don't know democracy from a vodka fest. Many of them truly don’t believe that something like Democratic people power could possibly work.

Seems that the GOP stockholders and their war industries want to crank up the profitable Cold War again. Likely, they only want a bunch of surrogate wars like in the cold war days with Korea and Viet Nam, certainly not direct superpower conflict, that could be extremely dangerous to the world.

But they do need to fight these wars in order to expend and replace our shells, bombs, missiles and bullets and consume vast amounts of petroleum  to serve the war industries. We prefer to wage war it in dirty little countries which are eventually turned to rubble before the war moves on. Excuse the war by calling them communists.

Then there is investment to rebuild ravaged countries, all provided by the banks as well. So who wins? The banks. Ruined countries include Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and the list is growing faster than deforestation, desertification, and dirty air and water. These festering problems can't be solved because we're busy blowing each other up or building the arms to do it, and leaving toxic waste with all of it.


It sure must seem so, but I do believe humankind can rise and show the validity of the human ascension plan in the time and space worlds. Evolution will eventually win over cynicism and malice.

Cynicism was viewed as an impending national tragedy by one of our greatest Presidents — Teddy Roosevelt. Cynicism poisons the heart of a just democratic society, he declared in a 1910 speech at the Sorbonne in Paris. He called it “Citizenship in a Republic.”

“The poorest way to face life is to face it with a sneer. There are many men who feel a kind of twister pride in cynicism; there are many who confine themselves to criticism of the way others do what they themselves dare not even attempt. There is no more unhealthy being, no man less worthy of respect, than he who either really holds, or feigns to hold, an attitude of sneering disbelief toward all that is great and lofty, whether in achievement or in that noble effort which, even if it fails, comes to second achievement. A cynical habit of thought and speech, a readiness to criticize work which the critic himself never tries to perform, an intellectual aloofness which will not accept contact with life’s realities — all these are marks, not as the possessor would fain to think, of superiority but of weakness. They mark the men unfit to bear their part painfully in the stern strife of living, who seek, in the affection of contempt for the achievements of others, to hide from others and from themselves in their own weakness. The rôle is easy; there is none easier, save only the rôle of the man who sneers alike at both criticism and performance.”

Roosevelt turned his attention to lazy critics with the following:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat… The man who does nothing cuts the same sordid figure in the pages of history, whether he be a cynic, or fop, or voluptuary. There is little use for the being whose tepid soul knows nothing of great and generous emotion, of the high pride, the stern belief, the lofty enthusiasm, of the men who quell the storm and ride the thunder.”

The entire 27-page speech is a great example of insightful and inspiring oratory. Compliments and thanks to the wonderful writers and philosophers at for attention to this material.

(-:     White man speak with forked tongue.   -- Tonto

 In his disdain for snakes, my late native American friend saw not treachery but duplicity .... say one thing, do another, forked and lying, slithering, taunting, and hiding fangs and poison. Turns out the White Eyes took the whole country and put the natives on hard scrabble and near waterless reservations. Then they ran it with a corrupt government agency that ripped off their reservation prisoners.


Tonto's great grandson, Tio, now runs the gambling casino on the Choctaw reservation near here, hoping that the huge profits from white eyes gambling and firewater will one day make up for the brutish genocide of his ancestors, and believing full well that what goes around comes around.


A slithering snake came around our back yard not long ago. A gray coyote came by later and was looking for him. Two guys with guns in a pickup came by looking for the coyote. A deputy sheriff came by looking for the yahoos and when I showed him which way they went, he followed them through the weed patch and got snake bit.

When his gun went off, the yahoos got excited and one of them ran into a tree and had to have stitches. The scared coyote came running across the yard and into the road and a log truck swerved to miss him and crashed into the deputy's car.

The two yahoos got back to their pickup and sped away, only to find the snake hiding under the seat. Panicked, they crashed the pickup into an outhouse where the coyote was having a lunch break. The resulting gaseous explosion took out two city blocks here.


So, in these parts, we can truly testify that what goes around comes around. And most often gets blown out of proportion. Additionally we learn the adage that ‘Shit happens.’



Is it okay to get sick and tired of this international pedophile ring that Trump is about to bring down, including such people as the Clintons and Queen Elizabeth? I have responded thusly:

Who wrote all that shit that you read and believed? Is there an underground sewer of garbage books and blowhard sites that create their own reality? Who invented the pedophile thing; was that the Clinton Cash POS published by the end-times bigot white evangelicals. They hate the Clintons for years now because of Bill's penis, just like Putin and the other liars who fell right in together to elect an Orange Bobblehead with Big Hair to our highest office.

Seems a dumbed down electorate is our biggest problem right now; they believe Russian propaganda over our own esteemed news media because Putin doesn't like what they say and slams them constantly through our radical pols -- especially the orange one who owes countless millions to Russian banks and has had to accommodate their money laundering in his buildings for many years now. They even put Russian operative Paul Manafort in as campaign manager to knock out those Obama sanctions, even in the party platform.

Don't believe me. Listen to GOP stalwart Mueller who wants to restore honor to the party and the country. He will be saying what I said in a few weeks. Trump will have to throw a lot of people under the bus to try to survive, but none of them will like the treatment and together they will turn the bus over, with clowns scattering left and right with red noses and big flappy yellow shoes.

Somewhere the Clintons are gleeful. Somewhere Obama's group is working on the illegal gerrymandering. Somewhere Trump is gripping his fists, blustering venom, and feeling heavy pressure.

Now he has virtually all of the country's school population against him, all coming to voter age and looking for candidates who give a shit about other people and student safety, and won't sell out to the money changers.

Double standards have been a way of life for the GOP for many years now and they seem to believe that people are still falling for that political sourdough. If they're going to keep any offices at all, they have to snap out of their haze of homilies while ass kissing their richest donors/owners/enablers/corrupters. People are wise to it. And Trump is destroying entire voting blocs before their eyes.

They should have thought about that when they lowered their party's rich man standards to let in the deep south segregationist bloc and win some offices. But that white nationalist vote wants jobs and prosperity and public services and just a little of that 99 percent of wealth owned already by the wealthy, and Mr. Orange adamantly will not provide it. And when they lose Congress in November, their last chance will have passed. Then the opposition is in charge.

Common Sense on School Safety

Here is a long post that is well traveled across the Internet. I endorse these ideas and hope you’ll read them

“Arguing about guns is getting tiresome. The same impossible-to-implement gun control ideas are trotted out after every shooting with a fixation on the scary objects. Few of you on my friends list know I dedicated years of my life right after college to a program born out of Columbine that's the most effective at reducing school shooting tragedies and that I've traveled the country visit to middle schools and high schools in 30+ states speaking and doing work to make schools safer.

“I am an expert on this school safety topic and also somewhat of an expert on guns as they're a big part of my life from also working in the hunting/outdoor industry for years and being a CCW holder, and well-trained gun owner and dedicated sportsman and shooter. And I am friends with the top experts doing the best work in schools to make them safer, several of which were at the White House this week.

“If anyone wants to talk actual solutions to make our children safer and school shootings less frequent, here's my suggestions on things that will actually work:

School Safety Ideas Nobody Wants to Talk About

Fatherlessness needs to be addressed. Kids need dads- most shooters don't have an involved dad. Can we connect boys without fathers to father-figure mentors? This is also a theme in the inner-city, less-publicized, yet more-frequent gun crimes in minority communities.


Adults need to be held accountable. The Parkland shooting last week is 'Exhibit A' on that. Dozens of adults at the school, local law enforcement agencies, and even the FBI knew about this kid and what he said he was going to do. Another adult, the SRO on duty, could have stopped it while it was happening but never went in. How many adults around this situation will be charged with crimes like negligence or manslaughter for their blatant failures? My guess is zero. How many will lose their jobs? My guess is zero. Nobody does anything because you risk nothing by doing nothing and get in trouble if you take a proactive approach and try to do address things before the blood is spilled. This is up and down our education and law enforcement systems.


Boys need safe environments to fight and let out their physical aggression. Young men involved in physically violent sports like football, wrestling, karate, etc. typically do not become mass murderers. I feel like our present culture is trying to take the fight out of our boys, but it's still hard-wired into them. Where no healthy outlets for this natural aggression exist, unhealthy ones will take their place. We need to stop shaming our boys and applying negative labels to boys that have a strong urge to fight. We need to guide and encourage them to find a healthy outlet, not tell them they're broken or bad.


The role of pharmaceutical drugs in mass shootings needs to be thoroughly investigated. It's too common of a theme to be ignored as a potential factor. Too many of our kids are getting drugged up instead of getting the care they really need. Right on the labels of these mood-altering drugs are side effects like "Hallucinations- loss of contact with reality." and "Suicidal thoughts." Yet we don't immediately ask about the prescriptions these kids are on, instead focusing on what kind of gun they used.


Training kids to huddle together as stationary targets on the ground, HAS TO STOP. It's stupid and getting our kids killed in greater numbers during these events. If they can't get in a secured room separated from the shooter, they need to run or fight, period. Get out the window or tackle the shooter etc. are all way better things to teach. There are great programs to better train our kids on how to react to this threat.


Empower and encourage teachers and school administrators to have a plan, have the support of the district, and secure their classrooms the way they're comfortable with. Too many wonderful teachers with hearts of lions for protecting their kids are fearful bringing up their desires to their bosses whom will point to policy and liability concerns over common-sense solutions the teacher needs and wants.


Teachers, if you don't get the support you need, do what you need to do anyways quietly. Damn the system. Keep our kids safe. There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer here, but all kinds of things could help like: ways to block/harden doors, weapons (gun or non-gun) to have a fighting chance if a shooter makes it through the door, and additional escape options like rope ladders for 2nd story windows teachers can deploy, etc.


We can't have a cop everywhere and even if we do, there's no guarantee they won't be taking their sweet time outside like the Parkland SRO did while your class is in the crosshairs. Teachers are right there and the first line of defense and they need to think about it and take it seriously and not get in trouble if they do.


Finally, and most importantly, we need to improve the culture of our nation and our schools. We need to value human life highly. We need love. We need kindness. We need compassion. We need to look for the kids that are becoming isolated and need help and go help them. We need more than just anger at what's wrong, we need to celebrate the good stories and champions of kindness. Kids that care for one another don't kill each other. We need to touch the hearts of kids and train them up in morality and virtue - not just pack their heads full of information.


This is exactly what we focused on when I worked for Rachel's Challenge, one of the top anti-violence programs in the country, and we saw tons of lives saved by changing the culture of schools from the inside out. (would-be-shooters with kill lists turning themselves in, gang members laying down their colors, suicides planned for that night canceled, etc.) Invite them to your school as a great way to start this cultural transformation.

And ….. may I just add:

The FBI needs some sensible gun control laws to work with, not redneck driven gun show loopholes and an underground network that arms every radical with multiple firearms. It would save the lives of many police officers.

Give the FBI and the police a little more support by foregoing $132 million worth of annual NRA contributions to their favorite politicians which crushes any control efforts. They want more sales in a climate of fear, not fewer sales so that deranged killers can't get military-style assault weapons. This AK semi-automatic weapon is their biggest seller in history and millions of people want one because it’s top of the line. They will sacrifice groceries to get it.

And joe blow on the street does not need a fully automatic killing machine for any reason at all. If he is limited to a six-shooter, we can save hundreds of lives from his hate-driven, anger-fueled episodes of violence. Lack of sound gun control laws kills many a person — cops, criminals and innocent bystanders all.

It is highly alarming that classrooms of students have become a favorite target.

At least there’s some good news.

The NRA just sealed its doom with a suicidal statement that these kids are being manipulated by gun-hating billionaires and hollywood elite who want to destroy the 2nd amendment. Every high school and college student and their parents and millions around the world read this reply which forever brands them as a radical fringe group. Suicide by stupidity.

After truly the most inspiring rally in our recent history, by high schoolers yet, to say something like this will make them despised by countless millions of people. They show no empathy, only malice; no common sense, only paranoid fantasies. Like Trump regularly does, they shit on themselves by insulting the very core of our future, in the schools, against kids who just don’t want to be gunned down. .

LMAO! Now we know that the whole ridiculous paranoia about the US government seizing all citizens' guns was hatched out of St. Petersburg, Russia, out of the KGB propaganda ministry that seeks to destroy our way of life and considers us all to be selfish, money-worshipping hypocrites. Try to buy a gun in Russia. Try to speak up without being demonized, shot or poisoned.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas.  FIRE AX Issue 8

FIRE AX 8 — July-August, 2018

Radical Ideas Based On Critical Thinking

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