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Spiritual revelations have often been misunderstood and have even led to evil acts.

The recalled and recorded life of Jesus is a good example. From this story came a long and bloody history. The world has suffered from the evil reign of the Borgia Popes in the Catholic hierarchy, the dark ages of religious domination and persecutions, endless religious wars coming down even to present day, and some present-day preachers who pillage their donors with righteousness rhetoric and count their successes in their bank accounts and white-pillared mansions.

Right wing political protestants still call up this much-admired man to stand with them in discriminating against non-Christians, disdaining racial equality, and carrying the banner of the rich man’s political party because the other one is more tolerant of other religious ideas and personal freedoms.

Jesus, of course, represented none of these doctrines, including the Jewish scriptures he grew up reading. He chose the messages that rang true to him according to the voice of his inner spirit. He preached those true verities; he disdained all the trappings imposed upon truth by a self-serving church hierarchy. There is a direct link here to his execution.

Some say he didn’t really exist in history, being a legend perpetrated like some others of a savior who rose from the dead in three days. This doesn’t explain why so many authors in the New Testament. They didn’t write about a myth. The apostles who wrote and represented him into martyrdom didn’t do all that for a myth.

Jesus was real, all right, but like other revelations, humankind hasn’t yet grasped the meaning behind his adventures on earth. Here it is.

There is a First Source and Center for our universe of universe. We are now beginning to confirm that there are billions of planets and likely trillions of inhabiting personalities in that domain.

The origin of the incarnation of Joshua ben Joseph on our planet starts with the First Source, the Universal Father, Prime Creator, or simply God. From this nucleus comes the creation of well over 1,000 Creator Sons who go out and create local universes. Ours is called Nebadon, and it includes well over 600 planets with citizen residents.

For a Creator Son to earn his right to sit at the right hand of the Supreme Creator, to be deemed a worthy ruler, he is required to have seven incarnations of living the life of his creations. In his seventh incarnation, this Creator Son, now called Christ Michael, was born into a humble household within a race of people that had realized the truth of a one supreme God.

He lived and served the roles of student, worker, family caretaker in his formative. He fused with his indwelling spirit upon his symbolic baptism in the flesh. In the end, like too many humans, he suffered ignominy and ridicule, torture and murder. This all amounts to a supreme empathy, to live as a mortal sojourner on one of the more embattled time and space worlds in the local universe.

He showed not only a magnificent Empathy for all mankind, but a statement of complete faith in the Universal Father’s plan to resurrect the faithful and bring them into eternal salvation. He demonstrated that one can live a life of empathetic caring, compassion, and mercy for all of his Father’s children, and die a noble death of strength and forebearance.

His incarnation life is a fine pattern for our lives. This is how you please your Universal Father, by representing him well with the love and goodness that went into your creation, and the creation of the earth garden you live, and the creation of a massive plan for ascending mortal personalities in worlds of time and space.

Most don’t care to explore this high level of cosmic reality. They are more concerned with the realities of their daily lives here.

Are we empathic as was Jesus, our supposed model? Do we have empathy for other races, creeds, agnostics, aetheists, the poor and perverted? Where does our empathy start and where does it end? Can we empathize with people by at least attempting to put ourselves in their skin, to find the origins of their twisted lives?

Do we arrogantly think that we, as humans, have the right to sit in judgment on most things and place ourselves in the right, as we see it. It would be wise to be forever open to new ideas, insights, inspirations and living examples all around us, and continue to grow and expand our intelligence and not sink it into some partisan mire.

The counter-argument to all of this: Empathy does no good for a person in the absence of Ambition. He must assert himself.

So do we have empathy for those suffering from Apathy?

The issue of Empathy was behind Jesus’ incarnation. It is a constant issue in our lives today.

And, of course, it takes root in the lesson for all mankind, the Golden Rule, which is an axiom in every language. Give what you want to receive.

The karma works: What you give you will receive. What you represent, so will you be.

JESUS: A Supreme Empathy Unextended

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