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Over the top, Off the wall, Out of bounds, On the target

This planet should be re-named IRONY. For President, Hillary Clinton gets the most votes in history and loses. And she’s a woman. Trump gets brought down by Republicans Mueller and Comey. And Obama reached across the aisle to appoint Comey in the first place.

Ironies abound. Trump couldn't get elected to any office in his home state of NY where they know him well. He can win in Montana and MS where they have no idea who he is. His glossy reputation is just lacquer over a string of business failures but his base thinks he's good at business. He would have done better to put his inherited fortune in CD's and stayed out of business.

Ironically, the best thing he has sort of done is to help spawn the me-too movement and bring down a lot of his fellow sexual predators. But, ironically, why not him? The Kingpin gropper himself? Ironically, they get liberal Al Franken instead. But, ironically, they may have created an opposition monster. Kind of like they created a monster with Bannon, Flynn, Rence, the Munch, and so many others who are anxious to testify and cop a plea. Franken still has voter appeal and is now a strong liberal voice.

The house of cards is coming down and the Orange Joker, who was not even supposed to be in the political deck in the first place. Such irony. He beat 17 GOPers by insulting the hell out of each one of them. His voters really liked it when he called out Lying Ted, Little Rubio, Lazy Jeb, Crazy Ben etc. and the GOP got to wondering why they let all those angry white nationalists into the party in the first place, that old 'southern strategy' thing to take over Dixie no matter the devoted segregationists it brought in.

It came back to bite them, ironically, and now the GOPers have no white house coattails to run on anymore, only their tax bill which lavishes its bounty on rich people, and most people seem wise to it. They are not as ignorant as the GOP thinks anymore.

The great irony now is that the GOP can overcome Trump’s stigma on the party next time with an anti-Trump candidate like Rubio, Kasich, Flake, and any other champion who will stand up to him now. Ironic how Trump is not even in the party but it elects him and he destroys it. But those who gallantly oppose him have a great opportunity to take over the party as he inevitably fails. Such a circuitous, confusing and ironic turn of events.

Does anyone know why every attack of Trump results in a counter-attack against Hillary? He may be a pile of it but she is diarrhea? Is that the idea? I think we should forget Hillary. She is only the candidate, a woman, who got the most presidential votes in history. The people's choice.

The reality is what we have -- an individual who is despised by the great majority of Americans, as well as France, Germany, England, Scotland, Canada, Russia, Japan, NATO, China, the Arab and Muslim states, the African and South American nations who felt stung by his ‘shithole’ remarks, our native Americans, even North Korea. I am sure the Pope doesn’t appreciate him much either, or the Dalai Lama.

He has now pissed off the murderous dictators he embraced in Turkey and the Philippines, stirred up hatred and impending violence over the Jerusalem ruling which was plainly none of his business in the first place, and put South Korea in imminent danger. He just sold $41 million worth of arms to Ukraine so we can battle Russia over there and re-ignite the Cold War to serve the arms industry.

This must even irritate Paul Manafort, who has worked for the Russians in Ukraine for many years, including the time he was Trump's campaign chairman and busy re-working the platform to take off the Obama sanctions. He will soon be in prison.

I predict that a packed car full of GOP clowns is going to crash into the tent pole and the whole tent is coming down soon, covering all the red nosed clowns and the elephants. The Democrats will come onto the field and put up a whole new blue tent, with the help of common donkeys.

Trump’s anti-Clinton forces have been trying to find something to charge Hilary with for years and have never found anything. All of the fantasy stories about the Clintons would be laughed out of court, if they haven't been already. Give it up Hillary haters and take a look at what we actually have in the White House. Hilary is old news, she's just laying back and smirking at all the shit that's coming out.

Trump is guilty of numerous crimes over the years, sleeps with the Russians and their money laundering, just paid off a porn star to shut her up and that didn’t even work. She can still smirk for the cameras. With six bankruptcies he's a failed businessman who has soaked the government, laborers and contractors. Tried to make it with luxury vices like fancy hotels and restaurants, casinos, liquor, prime steaks, and exclusive air travel. Failed at all of them because the rich people know who he is, don't support him and will now help the common people bring him down. It is an historic alliance. The orange man may soon be in orange. In poetry, it is said that there are only two words which you can't rhyme -- orange and purple. Orange will soon be resigned and gone; purple will be the color of most all of the red states.

That last straw is looming big. When he starts cutting benefits to the poor and middle-class and coupled with already cutting the taxes of the rich in half, there will be a busy year in Congress, fending off protestors. Time to take the government back from the self-serving rich. When they go too far, the quicksand pit of all decent humans will drag them under. It's really a miracle in the making. I used to wonder if there was any way at all

Democrats and progressives could take over Congress and I saw none. Then came Trump, the Terminator. If they stand with him, they go down too. If they don't, they get attacked by him like knee jerk. How many courageous Republicans are there to stand up for common decency?

All across the Appalachian mountains across the center of the country, dedicated longtime GOP white nationalist voters who live off various government benefits will find them to be cut seriously. This Trump voter base, it turns out, are the poor people who are dragging the country down with 'entitlements' that cost the rich people more in taxes, and they will wonder how they ever got into that base. Well, when Trump hijacked the GOP on behalf of Trump Gold, he got them as well. Now, he will want to dump them since they sap the rich of wealth. Fact: there are more white people on welfare than black people.

When the overriding objective of all corporations is to cut human labor costs and our congress fawns over corporations like the sugar daddies they are, then we can expect what we've got. And they've made all their business expenses tax deductible, including luxury perks, lobbying and incessant advertising.

But suppose Joe Bob wants a tax deduction for his fishing and hunting expenses since it provides FOOD for the table. Congress would laugh this off the floor while approving the 1.5 million price for a stadium luxury suite for people who couldn't even survive on their own. I guess hunting and fishing are recreational hobbies while baseball and lavish buffets and alcohol bars for the rich aren’t. That’s the twisted logic that serves us poorly and serves them well. Joe Bob produces food; they guzzle it down and charge taxpayers for it.

Southern whites have always loved ‘states rights,’ so they can keep their negroes under control and push them onto welfare, maintain their hatred for the federal government for giving it to them, and remain poor and mismanaged, like most all of the red states. Gross corruption and mismanagement in those states is adversely affecting the millions of people who live in well-managed states, mostly blue, and I don't know how long they will take being penalized for red state failures.

There is an overwhelming desire among many white people in the South to know the white race is better than blacks, and to have little or nothing to do with them. They still actually believe this, though there has been great change in the region for sure. Just not enough to win at the ballot box. And the block of Confederate States of America is going to be red until enough voters quit being repelled by other races and realize they are voting against their best interests for economic income and quality of life.

The GOP was pleased to get all these racist votes when the Democrats started up civil rights legislation, but now these confederate voters have shoved in the Trumpster on them like a karmic awakening. You let these people in the party with your 'southern strategy' and now you're stuck with the Ugly American Blowhard they've wanted in that office for a long time. Too bad he had to destroy 17 other GOP candidates in the process and now serves as a thorn in the side of every Republican up there. Pretty funny.

It is painfully true that the huge White Backlash vote is bigger than the black vote still. Democrats have championed civil and human rights and it has cost them elections. Many whites think whites are better, not from any evidence but because they want to think that and will manufacture false evidence to verify it. They will find a way within themselves to always vote white over black. Any bad black person reflects on the entire race to them, and yet they can handily ignore incredible black achievements in any field where they're given a chance. Such as entertainment, sports, education, the military and the U.S. Presidency.

Focus on Mississippi: An economy that rolls like cold sorghum.

Mississippi's path is always this way. Wait until hemp farms across the country are producing a valuable and versatile fiber crop. Wait until universities and medical clinics across the country are working on contracts to study all these medical efficacies. Wait until the industry is running and all of the other states are doing well. And then ... begin to take a look at it because a lot of people are making a lot of money. Duh, slow as sorghum. As usual, TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. No imagination, no vision, only a cluster of fears and doubts in their heads.

Why is the MS Delta so poor? Because cotton fiber is absolutely worthless until it's turned into a product.

Because most of the working class foundation of consumers lost their jobs when planters put themselves in deep debt to the banks buying huge farm machinery, some of it spewing expensive poisons all over the land and into the streams to kill weeds and insects and contributing to complete water pollution and a very high rate of cancer.

Because investors automatically turn off any ideas about hemp and medicinal cannabis because they think smoking herbs is an abomination condemned by God and they have a myopic beans/cotton mentality that can't be nudged or budged.

Because the white natives have always had an embedded hatred of the federal government because it helps people with welfare and a lot of them are the blacks they have tried to minimize or run out of the state, thereby alienating their own government which offers so much to everybody.

Because they are intent on extracting a few dollars from the liquor and gambling business in the region, which takes far more than it gives, and that's on their minds more than medicinal herbs and renewable hemp farming.

And because they have such a closed society mentality that they can't see all the money Colorado is raking in for their school system and its overall economic growth in medical and agricultural facilities. They equate cannabis with pot-smoking slackard hippies, and are not aware that the united marijuana industry in Colorado just gave a large benefit for well-dressed society people in Denver who drank martinis and smoked, and it helped finance the Symphony Orchestra and the Ballet in Denver.

On the other hand, MS is awash in opiod addictions, legal and medical problems, gambling and liquor which are both anti-Christian, a self-serving private prison industry, poverty, unhealthy and disabled people, and cheap-ass weed from the Mexican cartels being managed by the lower echelons of society. The poor leadership in this state has been like a plague.

And because so many people are walking on eggshells that we can't make an omelet.

And because so many people are such spiritual cowards that they will not look into the eyes of anyone who displays any kind of separate identity from their own. We often close our eyes when we make love, but sometimes the eyes of your loved one can reveal many things. We are mostly alienated from one another because we don't understand there is only one race on the planet --Hu-man. Seems to me the deep spirit of the Delta is reflected in the music that is embedded there. Ironically it is almost 100 per cent black originated, and it’s mostly blues.

Large corporations control delta farming. Mom and pop farming was killed off as surely as Wal Mart killed off thousands of merchants. They manufacture machinery, produce pesticides and chemical fertilizers and farm huge acreages of beans and cotton. The catfish industry has seen great growth as well. I doubt their interest in hemp farming or medicinal crop greenhouses, and only obstruction, unless they see some real money in it and can slide their businesses that way incrementally.

At any rate, they have the only real money in the Delta as far as I know. And their interests are commodity prices and sales of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They want nothing to interfere with those revenue streams. And they will wait for the hemp market to grow before venturing into it. It won’t be compatible with what they’re doing since it’s geared to volume, heavy machinery and pesticides. Hemp also competes with cotton in clothing manufacture, though it's pretty rough compared to the smooth pima cotton and the blends.

So Mississippi will again be so far behind the curve we will never catch up even if we get into the game in our usual half-hearted, cautious, fearful way. Other progressive states like Colorado, Massachusetts and California will control the industry. Ignorance prevails in MS and none of the exciting new medical information has even reached the people.

This plant virtually obliterates most problems within the central nervous system, retards and possibly cures some cancers, and controls stress and anxiety which is the root of most all illnesses. Controls glaucoma, keeps lungs clear and clean. No Rastafarian has ever had lung cancer. But, of course, the permanently weird MS evangelicals think using it is a sin, like being gay or marrying another race or drinking an illegal beer or using planned parenthood or not supporting the white nationalist GOP and its genital grabbing goon in the White House.

And, yes, it halts Alzheimer's disease too. Might be good to prescribe medical marijuana in nursing homes, reduces muscle pain, enhances feeling of well-being, eliminates stress and anxiety, settles most stomach ailments, provides relaxation, laughter and joy, helps with sleeping problems, increases appetite, gives comforting hope .... but that would mean they can't shove those pills in the old folks at such an alarming rate, resulting in overdose deaths and very little basic relief from symptoms while making Big Pharma richer and richer.

It's truly amazing that they have fought against the greatest medicinal plant in the world while criminalizing its users, with prison time and disgrace, and the citizens are kept in such propaganda fueled ignorance that they let it happen to them. Meantime, liquor, nicotine and addictive drugs become multi-million dollar industries that actually damage people's health. This planet should be renamed IRONY. Hey! That’s where we started.

It is idiotic to outlaw a medicinal plant and evil to criminalize its users. Big Pharma wants to take all plants free of charge and develop them into synthetic substitutes to patent. They have demonized direct use of the plant itself unless it goes through their commerce conduits for profit. As a rule, they try to make profits off all of the basic elements -- air, water, soil, fire and your spiritual curiosity. They strip and segment the three major cannaboids in marijuana into their frankenstein laborites and try to block you from using the natural planet with all of the ingredients. Duh: euphoria is an excellent part of the healing and analgesic process. Double DUH.

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