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As it turns out, the State of Perfection is not static. It is in the act of evolving and growing itself. This surprised me.

In trying to understand a world that grows and evolves in its own ways, mostly inscrutable to us, we should first grasp that the entire universe is co-creative. In birthing and parenting children, we do what God, the Universal Father, does. But we could hardly do this unless we were in his Dominion. We co-create new life here and we then nurture it with the help of the Infinite Mother Spirit. That is the plan anyway.

As we evolve and grow here, we carry within us what we might call a soul, a fragment of God, a spark of spirit, a reliable thought adjuster, a higher self, a guiding conscience parent.

So whatever we do and whatever we experience, our Universal Father chooses to experience it with us via his Indwelling Spirit, a reliable fellow sojourner in our material life, the serious but joyful side of ourselves that celebrate more truth, more beauty goodness in our experience.

As we fulfill our mission of goodness, we earn eternal growth beyond death; our Indwelling Spirit earns eventual fusion with us to achieve a unified Personality in the Father’s ascension plan.

Why does God experience with us? In order to be even more ‘perfect’ than we suppose the Deity to be.

By incorporating the experiences of vast numbers of ascending mortals in the time and space worlds into God’s overall experience, then God grows into a kind of Supreme Being that has truly experienced life as all of his children — one by one and collectively. He gathers vast lifetimes of experiences within his already Divine being.

This is also, not coincidentally, what Jesus did — the incarnated human personality who lived life as humans, the children of his creation, the vital personalities rising out of the ascension plan. In empathy he lived as one of us, suffered and died as many of us will, but triumphantly passing over the threshold of material being into spiritual and ever-lasting spiritual identity.

Lucifer rebelled against the human ascension plan as a waste of time and resources. Jesus’s incarnation proved him finally wrong. He symbolically defeated Lucifer while living the life of a human, and thereby demonstrating human potential.

So God is becoming even more perfect by encompassing our Be Ye Perfect experiences. We are growing together — co-creatively with the Father.

We are following God’s example to keep learning, growing and experiencing, as God does.

We are and must be forever students as God is. He must learn from all of our experiences or he would not collect them. We are important children to him or he would not indwell us with a spark of his Divine Parenthood.

God is ‘perfect’ at one plateau of our existence here — all that we can imagine.  But I believe that a truer Perfection must be in a constant state of ascending growth and evolution. Everything else does. Even the physical universe that scientists see is continuing to expand — to where they do not know. Will it all finally just pull apart, they ask.

We spiritualists don’t know the fates of galaxies. But we acknowledge and worship  a  Universal Father in charge. He is not a myth we made up. His Universe makes Perfect sense. He created Evolution, and it’s your Evolution that counts in this material world. If you don’t evolve sufficiently here, why should you stay on the ascension path? We should be prepared to answer when we transition. How have we devoted our share of time?


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