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Welcome to more tirades for just causes. We continue to rail against the era of Trump. May it be short-lived and I hope we can help make it so.

Now we have Bret Kavanaugh, and that indelible image of his sniveling, screwed up, self-righteous face, spewing lies and self-pity instead of owning up to his beer-laced college antics. Some of us are no strangers to such activities, believe that honesty is the best policy for a Supreme Court judge, and that he shouldn’t lie under oath the U.S. Senate about it.

But we see a murder of old white guys leading the war to control the Supreme Court by their 5-4 majority, the one that invariably rules for corporations, and they sweep away the reality that this guy has been a drunken jerk any number of times and most assuredly is guilty of the act of which he is charged.

Dr. Ford is thrown under the bus. She knew Bret from here and there, but suddenly she is mistaken and certainly has no corroboration. I expect that most sexual assaults occur out of the eyes of witnesses, the privacy sometimes being the reason for it happening in the first place.

She has a Ph.D in psychology but is apparently a mixed-up girl who can’t prove it. The various other charges were not even to be validated and the Grand Old Pricks rammed their Trump surrogate in as if there won’t be consequences.

They count it for a victory. How can it be a win when you have mobilized a vast portion of the country. We were expecting Democrats to take the House, anyway. Now this. A slap in the face of Dr. Ford, the nation’s icon of the women rights movement and a clarion call for constant 24-7 resistance to the guy sitting there in the black robe. His respect level is extremely low. He is an icon of white privilege and boorishness. He is a mobilizing force and his every utterance will take on a powerful significance.

He bilge washed way over the top when he charged a Clinton-driven left wing conspiracy that fought the Donald and now fights him. That bit of excess, revealing his temperament of a right wing warrior in the Starr investigation against the Clintons. He remains a Clinton hater and showed himself to be so.

In a massive ironic twist, however, his crude, partisan blustering has effectively ended his long quest to bash the Clintons, and likely all liberal Democrats. In any case that comes before him in which the Clintons and the left wing conspiracy might be an issue, he will need to recuse himself for his rash rhetoric. It will be requested numerous times in the days ahead. There is no formal process to deal with us, and would require a voluntary recusal.

If his millions of dedicated opponents don’t get a recusal, there will be hell to pay in streets across the land.

This past week has seemed like Bull Run, appropriately named then as now — the first clash in a massive upcoming cultural war. And Kav is the face, the mask, that they can put on every women’s rights grievance. The war has just begun.  His screwed-up face represents all that is screwed up.

We haven’t even heard from Michael Avennati! But we will. (-: Folks … those parties really happened. Maybe the GOP doesn’t have the imagination for it given their cloistered curmudgeon nature. It is said that some of them think Quaaludes are a kind of tropical fruit.

And now … There is the question of November 6.

Since Trump makes all matters worse day by day, I expect that a few more weeks can only make conditions even better for a Blue Wave of candidates who aren’t  mannequins for the rich and mossbacks for any kind of social progress for women and working people.

They should have thought about that before they denigrated one of the most courageous women I’ve ever seen.  With a cowardly Trump egging them on from the White House, they mounted a ridiculous joke of a strait-jacketed investigation, refused to talk to her or her list of contacts, rammed him through with an angry misguided sidetrack of vengeance against the Democrats, and became indelible icons themselves.

Lindsey Graham did his best angry white man act to get the Attorney General’s job, but it may be that he and Sessions, who may be fired, are laughing about that situation together.  Neither of these jerks really need Trump. They will be there when he’s gone.

Trump is a big bump in the road for the GOP. They will join with Mueller, the Democrats and his own alienated Justice Department to throw him under the bus. The Pentagon is scared of him and want him gone. There are no Republican leaders who like him at all and most despise him. He has vanquished and personally insulted most all of them, and the anti-Trump forces of Kasich, Rubio, Ryan will easily slip back into Republican power and ride him out of town on a pile of criminal suits he brought upon himself.

Not long ago, I wondered what in the world could shake the world from his cultural malaise, its endemic warmongering and corruption. We seemed stagnated and the expected Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton match-up would a boring mill of meaningless platitudes and the very same management vs. labor political face-offs.

My, how things have changed. Now, we see all the shades of gray much more clearly. We are facing up to the question of what kind of leadership do we want? What kind of people are we?

As we study this question, we can look hard at Trump. We can look at the truth and observe the lies with a clear mind. We can look in the mirror and ask ourselves questions about how we want to grow our souls here. Are we lazy about that, or are we not?

RANTS AND RAVES AND RETALIATIONS in these Apocalyptic Times:


SO THE TIMES IS SET FOR A PULITZER PRIZE and Trump is in an ever-tightening vise. If he sues, everything would become evidence, including his tax returns. That won't work.

His dad bailed him out for years. When he died in 1999, the boy went wild with casinos, hotels, vodka and red ink and the Russians had to pick him up and finance him after that string of bankruptcies. His dad had the brains; he had the penis. Without him, Donald was an utter failure at business and the Russian oligarchy took him over and put him in the money laundering biz, using the skills he used in the 1990's to cheat his own government.

Trump admires Putin and wants his American oligarchy to be just as strong as Vlad's and in cohesion against countries run by women and people who actually care about people. He believes he will use the corporate suck-up republicans and the very rich to dominate. Give them huge tax perks and cuts and destroy all of the regulatory agencies who look over worker rights and the environment, and who the heck else would they support? Simple to him.

It's all about money and ego-gratifying 'wins' for the Dump and he thinks it should be that way for his adopted rich man’s party, and it will all eventually and naturally become part of his golden Trump Oligarchy, right into another term with all the modestly-educated myopics in tow.

What I remember about Fascism, limited, are pictures of Mussolini hanging upside down and dead in a town square. Italy has been pretty okay ever since.

Trump indeed has an ego-warped zeppelin of a vision, but wait until the blue wave hits them hard. Then the anti-Trumps in the party, Kasich, Rubio, the Bush family, Romney and all the rest will show him whose party it really is. It will be karmic that he gets both fired and thrown under the bus at the same time, one of his own favorite two-faced tactics.


I posted a cartoon of Kavanaugh getting sworn in to the Supreme Court, with an oath that promised complete judicial protection for no. 45 and perennial abortion rights for Republican mistresses. Ha! A friend said it was a trash post. I responded:

Humor. You got to laugh so you don't cry. But ... he is handpicked from his history as a Clinton attacker with Starr, Gingrich and company and his Personal commitment to protect his benefactor in the White House in return for appt. For people like Trump, appointments like this are opportunities to line their pockets and foreign bank accounts, all anonymous or assigned to their world blizzard of shell companies and outlaw banks.

In this case, he and the GOP want that 5-4 edge for corporate interests at all costs. They are now getting over 90 percent of decisions and now will get more. Irony may soon strike when he's diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. (that's a joke too, but with an edge.) And of course GOP mistresses will be able to get an abort, with plane tickets a spa rehab, and shopping money too. Trashy but true.

A FEW FRIENDS ARE WORRIED about a global conspiracy involving the Clintons, the Illuminati, the Pope, Luciferians who sacrifice virgins and drink their blood, the Masons, Queen Elizabeth, a global Pedophile ring, Mosad, the Pharisees, Zionists and the CIA. One of them believes that Putin, and somehow even Trump stands against them.

Sheesh! I replied, then added:

I believe the GOP controls Congress, the presidency and executive branch, the courts, and have the Fox propaganda ministry. If they couldn't find anything with which to charge HRC after all these years, there is nothing there. The media would lap it up like milk.

The Clintons have been under close scrutiny for years and have to stay clean, but that doesn't insulate them from lies. Their foundation has even been lambasted and no guilt there either. The Russians hate the Clintons with a passion and they have always been the biggest liars and cheaters in the world on all things.

Check out the Olympics history where their judges used to be an international disgrace, and they've always had systematic doping, and now are under suspensions. I should also mention that those in power invariably kill everyone against them, except for Gorbachev, a great man who somehow managed to elude an assisted suicide.

All of Gorbachev's legacy is being wiped out by Putin, who has restored the Russian dictatorship and laments the fall of the Soviet Union, which he wants to restore. All of Obama's legacy is being wiped out by Trump, who believes he should be the Boss of everything and is wise enough to run everything by the seat of his pants. So the Putin-Trump show will go on for a while yet.

They will be putting Trump's financial CEO on the grill. Mueller has possession of Trump's tax returns. There are incriminating voice tapes of Trump paying off women he screwed. And there is the serious obstruction of justice issues brought up by his purposefully intimidating attacks of Jeff Sessions and others.

The Secretary of the State actually works for the people, but he hasn't a clue about that. All these topics are nails in his coffin, and a big orange blob will go inside. Hundreds of thousands will rapidly hit the streets to celebrate him going down.

Then .... when they realize they've got Pence, they get a big hangover. (-:

I'm already moving to step 2 beyond impeachment. Pence is illegitimate and has been 100 percent supportive of all of Trump's criminal actions. Aiding and abetting what Trump has done should be a Crime. He thinks he is staying pristine clean, but he is a real henchman.

We are still a working Democracy, many other attempts have fallen to dictatorships. That's a reason we remain great despite the constant attack on our Democracy by vested interests focused on greed not honor, which, of course includes the political parties themselves. They are simply clusters of special interest groups.

That's why Bernie Sanders stays away from them so he can think for himself and not be subjected to a party 'whip.'

We are also great because we did away with slavery and segregation bias, gave rights to women and blacks, and have established a yardstick of excellence for the world in many ways. We have also worked hard to make up for the shit we inflicted on the native Americans and given them lucrative gambling, liquor and soon cannabis operations to get back some of the white man's money. Trump is an outlier to Democracy or even government, who doesn't represent any of the country's values, only its underbelly of ruthless capitalism which has always been an adversary of Democracy.

Our Greatness as a country lies ahead. It will be strongly re-asserted and dramatized when millions hit the streets to celebrate the great impeachment that is coming. It will be a massive, cheering throng of redeemers for this country’s values -- one of the most dramatic days in our history. Never crowds this size. Never such an outpouring of celebration. Hollywood and music stars will come out and thousands of politicians will rush to get on board. This should be only a few months away.

I wonder if Nashville and the stock car circuit will go into mourning. Or will they appreciate the rule of law when they see all of the federal indictments?


There are huge numbers of what the Corporate Royalty call 'business expenses' and they are tax deductible. Why are all expenses in the course of doing business free of taxes so that people who do not own businesses pay proportionately more?

To compete in Miami, a large business buys a luxury box at the stadium, very expensive, and then entertains rich clients and would-be clients with liquor, food and other perks all season long. The taxpayers pay for all these 'business expenses' that the business should be paying themselves.

Why should taxpayers support their wining and dining of people, possible customers, from whom they are trying to profit. Let business stand on its own, and quit sapping us for their expenses. Lobbying and other things they use to build their businesses are also subsidized by us. That's US Capitalism, in full control of the government and us.

It seems that anything you do to try and take more profits from our fellows is tax deductible. But if you hunt and fish for food, you get no deduction at all for your efforts to put food on the table. You pay for everything and the government often makes you pay for a license and fees yourself. Give money to a tinhorn politician and you can deduct it; give money to needy friends and family and it's all on you.

Tax deductible fishing and hunting gear? The public servants would laugh at such a suggestion since we have grocery stores for food. Big business profits from you every time you go to the store — even the Wal Mart.

WHEN I RAIL AGAINST THE GOP and its evil alliance with the war industries, people remind me that Democrats take money from them too. Yes, I agree. But most want to cut military spending.  The Pentagon could take a little less and more dollars could go to programs that improve our quality of life. Obama was working on that. Trump stopped and reversed it with a 'rebuild' the military ass kissing of the war industries who will now supposedly support him going forward.

I believe the Pentagon thinks he is a dangerous nut job. I'm counting on them to keep him under control until he's gone. But he's sticking more of our troops into dangerous places and when we lose a few, he's going to shriek loudly and get us into a war for profit. We need to get out of Syria before it's too late.

The Trumpsters scream that OBAMA was weak? I said:

Obama put on sanctions, expelled some 40 Russian spies from the U.S. and took over their properties. We need him NOW! In fact, Obama's Big Balls are the reason why Putin hates us now, and is doing everything possible to undermine our stupid, greed-driven form of government.

How stupid can you get being fed Russian social media propaganda for months, having it exposed, and now denying it? I watch with amazement every day at how far some will go to believe anything to avoid the simple truth -- you were wrong as hell in the first place and you are wrong as hell right now and you don't have to go further than the Oval Office, where Truman says the buck stops, to prove it. We get buck snorts and farts with that asshole Andrew Jackson looking over his shoulders.

Plus ... Obama warned everyone again about these serious breeches in September before the 2016 election, leaving plenty of time to face up to it before election. They didn't, in fact Russian Agent Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman, working on sanction relief and the GOP platform. Soon all the chickens will come home to roost and the erstwhile Trump empire will be under the poles.


They charge off the same massive R&D costs to every single drug in the category. That’s OK, since they own Congress and write most of the laws themselves. Neither congressmen or their aides are generally capable of drafting legislation. The Lobbyists help greatly in that regard and they are the sole experts since they alone knows how their industry works. They are there to educate our office holders who know very little about anything, much less pharmaceuticals.

The lobbyists can explain the situation and what they need to provide Americans with medicine and make its companies competitive and profitable on the world stage. They are certainly well-meaning because they have contributed so much money to the candidate's campaign fund, in the interest of 'good' government.

If we elected 100 Senators, it's likely that only a few would understand the international pharmaceutical industry and how it works. Only a handful would have an idea how we got into an opiod plague in rural America and what to do about it. Only a very few would even know about cannabis medicine.

Few or none would understand the causes and effects of the hippie revolution, how it affected the military draft, society's morals, sexual mores, and common behavior, and how it's all going to be happening again. It’s coming.

Meantime, look at the kind of people that we're putting in Congress and you realize that knowledgeable Lobbyists are vital in Washington to fill huge vacuums of ignorance and compete with the opposing lobbyists who are trying to stick it to you through the same channels of influence and corruption that command our government. Such as it is .... take a look at the Senate chamber sometimes while bloviating speakers are just talking to themselves and the record. There is an ocean of empty seats where once sat politicians who hadn't discovered that it's all hot air and they may as well be in a cloak room seeing what the hell Monsanto wants today.

And finally …. a prediction:

The International Banking Community is going to crush Trump like the worm he is. They are preparing to turn their allegiance to the Democratic Party since they smell the blue tsunami and have shifting loyalties and always win.

The Bank doesn't lose. When you provide funding for both Greenpeace and the whaling industry, how can you lose? When you provide funding for the coal companies and the American Lung Association, you can make twice the interest. When you can finance the production of toxic waste as a complimentary 'product,' you can finance its clean-up and recycling efforts and the reclamation of the area through reforestation. It's all interest income.

Financing things is also a good way to eventually take over many of them. You provide better financing to the bigger fish so that they eat the smaller fish, then you provide more fingerlings in the way of small business loan traps.

At another and with other words, I tackled the giant banks again:

We don't need to blame all of our problems on the banks. They finance every good cause in the world and provide global stability. Nationalities start wars, not banks.

The US banks won't give Trump any credit after being burned so bad with his bankruptcies and lawsuits, so he gets it in Germany and Russia. BOA and Chase would like to see him broke and homeless. There is no unified bank, they compete with themselves like every other segment of the economy.

My main concerns are corporate giants who put profits over the environment, living wages, patriotism, everything. They stymie progress in energy, medicine and industry to protect the dated products they're still pushing. Keep cannabis illegal, sell more alcohol, pills and tobacco. Keep solar incentives down and hit our earth with a barrage of fracking violations. Pander for coal country votes instead of helping the citizens overcome its grip and promote clean, renewable energy.

So …. the system rolls on and so does FIRE AX. Fight the turkeys! Support the Eagles!

Fire Ax

FIRE AX 11 — October 2018


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