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In an unprecedented time of Trumpery, we wonder what’s next? He pisses off more people daily, including his most loyal supporters. So much for the loyalty he preaches; he shows none. He just wants to maintain a wall of secrecy over his money lending and laundering operations with Putin, who takes a cut from every iota of commerce in his cowed-down country. This has been going on in various Trump Towers for years.

If 1% of the people own 99% of the wealth, you don’t help the 99% by rewarding the 1% with more tax breaks that strain our national budget. Give it up. Big Biz is not going to be incentivized to give up cheap, sweatshop foreign labor for which they don’t have to pay health care and benefits or be concerned with hazardous workplaces and environmental restrictions. Build up such as Cebo City outside Manila to help house the massive telemarketing bane to civilized communications. Irritate Americans with broken Asian English.

RIP Sam Shepherd, a mind-stretching playwright. In The Curse of the Starving Class, a character spends the entire play holding open a refrigerator door and looking inside. We have all done this. Years later, Counting Crows sang: “If you’ve never looked out in the distance then your life is a shame.” In the video, Adam stares into the refrigerator at a wilted piece of celery. I wonder which is more profound, if either.

The wondrously irreverent George Carlin once did a comedy sketch on the (only) 6 words you can never say on TV. Shit, pis, cunt, fuck, motherfucker and tits. No way to disguise any of those. And we shouldn’t fear them.  Now, in these times of even greater sensitivity I thought we must add the word: nigger. But that’s really not like company. And then I realized that Carlin was actually wrong in the first place. In the fuller spirit of decency, there are also long-standing bans on talk shows and newscasts of slur such as kike, wop, honky, polack, spic, greaser, putz, gringo, chink, kraut, limey, rednecks, ragheads, and the like. Let’s keep that level of decency. Come to think of it let’s do away with all name-calling There seems a proliferation of ‘dickhead’ recently and that’s hard to swallow for one with superior language habits.

Once again in the heart of rural Mississippi, J. Lee gets hold of more than a little crystal meth. Steals a three-wheeler, wrecks it and rejoins the population of the Orange. There is a little recycling society in all of the state’s 100 or so county jails. Run these lost souls through the system and take either their freedom or the money they need to survive on an assembly line basis that finances the county. Over time, they build bigger and newer jails, serve up all those hundreds of thousands of square meals to their poor and unemployed inhabitants, and talk about how ‘they ain’t no jobs no more.’  Take their prisoners’ last bits on money with exorbitant charges for phone calls, inflated canteen prices, and smuggled-in weed. If you do any loud complaining, they incentivize a goon prisoner to beat the crap out of you. Meantime, these 82 counties are awash in illegal drugs, thievery to get them, and domestic violence surges when they’re not available.

When someone screams fake news at the New York Times and Washington Post, do they realize that these are among the most reputable among the world’s news media. They don’t always bite the hands of their corporate owners, of course, but they are more than ready to do battle using FACTS alone. They are protected by their fact-checking, their lawyers, their reliance on multiple sources. If they ever make a mistake, it’s news and they make it so. They are virtually bulletproof. Against them, they have a loudmouth who brandishes fakery on every turn at the podium. And they are fully dedicated as the chastised ’worst people in the world’ to make that so — for Trump anyway. Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and others can attest to the power of media exposure when they are working with facts and exposing fancy. Recently, it has been easy; they have only to sit and listen and report it. The media will win.

….. humorous asides.

On a trip to Jerusalem, President 44 fell dead. There’s a choice of burying him there, pretty cheap, or do an expensive transport for burial in US. After deliberation, they agree to ship the body home, even with the huge expense. It was told that a very high personage had died there in the city long ago and miraculously rose from the dead in three days. “We just can’t take that chance,” they said.

There was a very openly loving couple at table 11, but the waitress soon noticed that the woman suddenly started sliding out of her chair strangely, and under the table. She approached the man to tell him his wife had fallen out of her seat. No, he said, not true. My wife just walked in the door.

….more brickbats and bouquets.

When will all these damned pharmaceutical ads disappear from my TV? Consumers don’t know anything about anything regarding medicine and shouldn’t even be in the communications mix. In reality, these ads are mostly pay-offs for the big media, which will never, ever take up the cause of lower drug prices or challenge the greedy billionaires who have taken control of the world’s medicines and who keep the corporate owned media on a leash.

Cheers for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. In the first place she beat out the surprisingly despised Sarah Palin as a write-in candidate. Now she stands up to the GOP health care destroyers and the resulting Commerce Department’s attempted blackmail involving federal assistance. She will be richly rewarded over the long haul. There is a place for more heroes to defy Trumpery and they will be seeing the opportunity ahead. Standing up against uninformed bluster is a no-brainer.

COMING SOON… to a reality around you.

The Mooch will build a media career. He loves the spotlight, has the gift of gab, and there’s a niche for him somewhere

The GOP is going to become Trump’s worst nightmare. He has alienated all of their leaders, former leaders and would-be leaders.

China has been insulted and angered by Trump; they won’t be working with us, and they’re laughing at the North Korean mess.

Manafort will prove the key that unlocks the whole mess. He worked for the Russians and the Trump campaign at the same time. He worked for pro-Russian forces in Ukraine and in forging the GOP party platform at the same time.

Revelation coming that the Russian lawyer at the Ron Jr. meeting actually did want to work on lifting the human rights sanctions on Russia and getting adoption sanctions lifted. This was big money for her clients. Her anti-Hillary news was that a certain tax dodging company had contributed money to the DNC — but she didn’t have the full facts to prove it and suggested our side should get them. Our side was not interested in digging up the details, however, and must have considered it a sour and suspicious involvement best to back out of …. but then the meeting took the global spotlight. The fan blows brown.

A greater overall awareness within the American electorate of just what has happened to our system and wondering why and how it did. It’s like a massive wake-up call! A rooster is crowing at the highest point around us on the Animal Farm. And we know what roosters are good for — grabbing their wants and needs and then crowing about it.  We are all reaping what about 25% of our people sowed. Over 50% of Americans stayed home and sowed nothing at all.

Dunkirk wins best picture and director Oscars, others too. Selma Hayek and Sam Elliott get nominations.

Romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn …. by candlelight. Arya putting the special dagger to Little Finger’s throat ….

….. it seems to me anyway.

FIRE AX, Issue 1, September 2017

FIRE AX 1 September 2017

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