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Consider the overlords of society, call them the Illuminati … the Dark Cabal … the banks … the rich power brokers of the world — including the handful of pharmaceutical giants that control the world’s medicines.

Their plan is the same with cannabis as with ginseng or sassafras: take the herbal medicine, separate its chemical ingredients, synthesize active ones in the laboratory so you have no more need for the plants themselves.  

Do not approve of any herbal medicines, throw doubt upon them, and promote only those patented pharmaceuticals in your proprietary grip. Break the link to nature; it’s synthetics versus naturals.

Now they do this with cannabis/marijuana/pot but with an even stronger hammer.

They have long demonized and criminalized the cannabis plant since its culture is well beyond anything they could control. Anyone can learn to grow it.  The whole plant provides multiple health benefits that are all, finally, coming to light. Everyone can have them — for free.

Their plan is to retain their Cannabis Cake of law enforcement. Continue to demonize the whole plant, jail its users, stymie its commerce and keep it illegal. It is said to have desultory, mind-messing side effects.

Thereby, they dismiss the principal reason why many millions use it Those millions have not been readily apprised of the fact that their habit is actually very healthy and healing.

They enjoy those so-called side effects — the feeling of deep relaxation and well-being, stress having wafted away, mentally alert and energized, and enjoying the deeper intensity of beingness, the richness of colors, the finer flavors in music, heightened tastebuds, more sensuous, sharing and fulfilling intimacies, a new and wide open threshold to insightful imagination, a fascinating altered state way of looking upon all around you, a deep-seated yearning for greater levels of peace and love among us.

These are components of the “high” they want to continue to make illegal.

Fact is, the best medicine is in the whole plant, not part of it. The cannaboid that provides this luscious high is part of the overall healing process, and why wouldn’t it be? Why should profit-driven pharmaceutical companies be empowered to parse this plant for its business needs.

There is no logical reason in the world to have made this medicinal plant illegal in the first place.

But there has been big money in the police state, the judicial system, the prison industry and the millions of jailhouses in the U.S. They are literally packed with victims of the manufactured medicinal herb drug war that has fueled this country’s law enforcement for many decades. It has been a cash cow.

Today’s power mongers don’t want to give it up. They want to have their big Cannabis Cake and eat it too. Keep the whole plant with its THC cannaboid  illegal as usual and legalize that part they have parsed from another cannaboid called CBD. Make a fortune selling their part of the plant for every ailment they can encompass.

CBD oil is now legal in all states and connected big money interests have it under their control. Sell it and outlaw the plant. Money on both ends.

It sounds like snake oil except that medical science has now been given greater access to the plant itself and has found it useful on many fronts, including the actual shrinkage of cancerous tumors.

The dispensary side of the business is gearing up in Florida, although strong liquor interests here are especially wary of its intrusion into the market. They are assured you can’t get ‘high’ on CBD oil and they assuredly believe it’s liquor that should get you high above anything else.

The actual growing of the crop in Florida is another matter entirely. Originally, the state legislature approved only a total of five authorized growers for cannabis in the state, a high level of control, and ripe for graft. The five big money interests who won out had put up an initial fee of $69,000 just to get started. Every key legislator who drove the bill forward received a $25,000 campaign donation.

Now, as Florida develops, there is momentum to increase the list of ailments that can be listed for the medicine, so that the number of patients can increase, and the attendant sales. Label it for more diseases, increase its market value.

And so in Florida and other states where capitalists will prevail, we can expect their usual drives for more customers and more profits, their continued efforts to discredit, disenfranchise, hassle or even arrest many of those growers who have been outlaw agriculturalists for these many years.

No gratitude for their pioneering courage, just get out of the way and let big business take over. We destroyed the family farm and mom and pop businesses; we will destroy the hippie growers too. We will drive forward stringent regulations and licenses that drive you out. So they think …

Big Pharma rules world medicine. They control all pharmaceuticals and they are a political force with millions budgeted for lobbying to get anything and everything they need in the way of controls.

One thing is beyond them. The cannabis plant is perfect like it is. It needs nothing to enjoyable usage. They know this; the more usage the more damaging to their profits, in a world where many people are hooked on multiple pharmaceuticals, taking a precarious mix of chemicals all at the same time. Millions die from this; no one has ever died from cannabis and it has been used for at least 13,000 years.

They can’t control a plant that millions enjoy and grows right there in the ground, from seed.

So they have made it illegal, even demonized people as immoral for even using it, equating it to sloth and a constant stupor. Users know better.

Lies piled upon lies for generations now. And here we are today, smart enough to learn about lies and understand the forces behind them, and smart enough to see that they are trying to make decriminalization and legalization efforts nationwide into a smooth corporate takeover of the whole industry. I suspect that many of those who get rich from the plant have never championed the plant at all, never swung a blow for the cause, and now are only looking for some windfall profits. I am hoping these fast buck capitalists aren’t the ones who ultimately take control of the huge medicinal and recreational marijuana markets. They don’t deserve it.

I am hoping we don’t get draconian laws that interfere with our right to grow a plant in our backyards. We have seen madness before; we may see it again. We fought against it before, and continue to do so. We will fight on.

This Cannabis Cake is for all the people. We will have it and enjoy it. We will replenish it. We will continue to support honorable people who grow and sell it, legal or not, and promote agriculture in the earth over synthetics in a vial, natural and organic products over Big Pharma concoctions of the uncertain kind.

THE CANNABIS CAKE - Have it and eat it too.

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