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Who was the first human who dared to speak for God? Who invoked his name to get something accomplished?

Today, many speak on his behalf, though God’s identity varies somewhat in the various stories. Manmade religions say that God is behind their creation and stands with them in building membership numbers today.

God is the origin of Jews, Muslims and Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, building sizeable organizations that face off against one another in their presentation of divine truth. It is divine because it comes from God and they have made it their doctrine. It is not divine if it expresses another view through another organization.

If humans dare to speak for God, then they should be very cognizant of the responsibility they are taking. If you represent God poorly and you gravitate to your own wealth and power for your own ends, then your sin seems to be effectively doubled. You sin, and then you claim to speak for God in hiding it. Pretty serious.

One suspects that this is all a cut-and-dried reality in modern times. No one questions whether these religions actually speak for God and we assume that they think they are. But it’s difficult to impossible to represent God when you don’t acknowledge his love and respect for all of his children in all religions, and those without religion too. God is for all people on this small planet, and division by dogma is an infantile idea that mankind would do well to shuck.

And who was this first person to speak up for God and represent him with truth? One likely would go to pre-history, primitive times when mankind huddled in caves, formed tribal communities and divided responsibilities for their collective welfare.

In that time, the powers of the elements would hold great import. It is truly meaningful that the sun comes up with light and heat. Rain is a blessing from some higher power. Storms reflect the anger or displeasure of that higher power. A man’s vivid imagination and dream world might easily combine with natural phenomena to make him believe he has received a celestial revelation, a message that he must share, a mission that he must lead to help the tribe develop its spiritual acumen.

In a sense, man has been putting himself above God in a great many ways over history.  Their houses are a mandatory place to be. Their dogma is pure and true. Their preachers or priests or rabbis are oracles  and speak only truth. The one true God is theirs. Through history, they maintain this fatal flaw of exclusivity.

And even so, there appears little unity in the religions, only divided segments clinging to segments of dogma that they have gathered and have little meaning in one’s salvation. It’s how you live that saves your soul, not the doctrine that you believe or don’t.

The Center for Global Christianity now lists 43,000 different sects of Christianity in the world, up from 1,600 in the year 1900. We don’t seem to be coming together under the light of God. We seem to be making sausage out of prime rib.

There is one God and that one God essentially represents one thing: LOVE. Learn that and the world comes to Light for all of us. There has never been a reason for us to continually kill one another, especially over religious doctrine. What we believe of a spiritual nature is most often less important than our intentions, our service to incremental development of Truth, Beauty and Goodness on our sphere, our willingness to cooperate and work with our human siblings.

If we want eternal salvation via our Universal Father, we had best use our talents to do the Father’s business. That business is and always has been around the principle: Love One Another.

And invoking God to have humans follow you, and then falsifying their journey for control surely must be a sin that will require some rehabilitation in the afterlife.

INVOKING GOD: The First Sin?

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