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We and they.

That's us and them.

My heart's astray

Over divisive hymns

Pundits of prickery

Sages of trickery

Tell me lies

That twist all history

Puking their sanctimony

Grinding their axes

Upon all decency.

We and they

Can have our say

Noise in air

Ideas as snares

Twisting simplicity away.

They speak out on facades

Sentences like rods

While we stew as listeners

Truth and lie christeners

Reality fades.

We and they

And them in between

Habits to wean

Dulling the sheen

Very paradoxically.

The goal to embrace

The human race

All in one place

Seamless, joyfully

Separation being

The atrocity

We and they

According to plan

Evolve yourself

Burn your brand

The fire of breath

A mind of steath

Take your place

As a grain of sand

Shining multitudes

Here at hand.

Us, them, divisive speech

Shrieking at us as they preach

Their pointless pride

arrogant stride

Too noisy for me to reach.

We together could

Make a difference

If we relegate beliefs to

added reference.

Listen to our hearts

That speak within

Safe, secure from frantic din.

Love light is your inner kin.

Your very essence.


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