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On Top Of It

A collection of essays dealing with spiritual, moral, societal and political issues.

Beyond Baggage

A one-actor stage play with drop-in personalities from his past and angelic presences; deals with disposal of mental baggage from myopic, self-serving propaganda that permeates our lives. Also essays and celestial transmissions on the theme from the Council of Seven and the 11.11 Midwayers.

HA! The Fat Little

e-mail Funny Book

Here are many thousands of opportunities to get a laugh — in a huge collection of popular e-mail jokes which have been reverberating around the Internet for many years now, and in various configurations. We put much of it in a convenient package for you.

Edge of Dark Light

As winter snows hit his mountain village, Jason faces mysterious death threats, an enigmatic woman reporter, & a young girl with a bizarre resemblance to a lost lover. En route to join a pivotal weekend is a violent protagonist, Santos, who may be an avenging extraterrestrial soldier, leaving a wake of death & destruction in his path.

Dark Riders

FROM CYNICISM TO HEROISM -- Xavier Thorn, his wife killed, stripped his life down to the essentials he needed to strike at the Mafia - an angry cynicism that he yearned to turn to heroism and courage, along with an arsenal of weapons and explosives and the vision of a one-man crusade for justice that he saw nowhere in a thoroughly corrupt society. But he didn't reckon on confronting two mysterious women, profane Chelsea and angelic Columbine. The trio embarks on a stormy and erotic on-the-road adventure with plot twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. After a surprising and outrageously comic attack on a New Orleans Mafia Don, ensuing confrontations with Mafioso enforcers and a vicious motorcycle gang dispatched to kill them all test their mettle and their commitments to one another.

Sauntering Through Apocalypse:

IN-sights, OUT-rages, and ID-iocies

Can literary giants Shakespeare and Faulkner explain why the chicken crossed the road? Is Little Richard the epitome of philosophic simplism? Can dark sibling Forrest Grump find reconciliation and also direct? Can Snake Pleskin escape both Sedona and Iraq? Does the white man’s manifest destiny include photo ops with pliant Indians and black kids with watermelons?  Can a novice movie reviewer separate bombs and bombshells?  Will Christians, Jews and Muslims continue to kill each other with expensive explosives and send us the bill? How can the herdings of cats lead to wealth and fame?  

And furthermore …Is your own personal Truth-Beauty-Goodness your very best religion? Will you consider 21 new spiritual enlightenments for the 21st century?  How have slavery, segregation and other acrimonious separations contributed to a malaise of spiritual poverty in the deep South?

Slouching Through Absurdity

Mad mirth mingles with nonsense to make a stew, including a big dose of satire for the President Donald.  Includes the parody, Game of Thorns.