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Celestials Over Cincinnati

Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time. As a skeptical observer I participate in the advent of celestial teachers in a Urantia Book study group, and follow a phenomena that soon emerges into a global influx of spiritual assistance in these critical earth times. From doubts, I evolve into a transmitter/receiver (TR) and access lessons that can help us achieve balance in tumultuous, quickening and challenging times. Includes spiritual growth transmissions from more than 35 teachers.

Lucifer's Gardens

Lucifer’s Gardens stands alone as an action adventure that explores spiritual evolution and God’s ‘Be Ye Perfect’ plan. God created evolution. Lucifer rebelled against it. The Father conceived a universe of elemental planets in evolution, with unique mortal personalities to evolve with them, and ascend to perfection. Lucifer considered it a massive waste of resources. Two ages come to grips with the Lucifer Rebellion’s impact on Earth.

Teaching Mission Vol. 1

A New Foundation of Spirituality for a Quickening Planet

Teaching Mission Vol. 2

Lessons from Christ Michael and an array of Celestial Teachers on connecting to Spirit, learning from Spirit, and teaching co-creatively with Spirit.

STILLNESS: Key to Health, Happiness and Prosperity, the book by Michael Painter

Dialogues on the Urantia doubts of authenticity.

Beyond Cynicism

From the cover: Like many others, Jim Cleveland despaired of the greed and corruption that has spawned great suffering on our planet. Despair turned to cynicism, a feeling of hopelessness that things would ever be better, that we were hell-bent for our own environmental destruction. Turning to the spiritual realms and anchored with revelations such as the Urantia papers and A Course in Miracles, the author turned in ward for answers, posing frustrated, angry questions to supernal teachers who call themselves the One Team. In the manner of 'Conversations with God,' the author key strokes provocative questions and opens himself to key the poignant and illuminating answers of a candid team of celestials who return Love for every cynical challenge. The author also presents an overview of the techniques of Stillness, a daily time for open communion with our Universal God as our ultimate Father. By joining Eastern-style meditation with Western concepts of worship, prayer and forgiveness, the threshold can be crossed to be delivered our own individual spiritual teachers who will guide us from within. Beyond gurus, preachers and psychics, the Stillness produces a personal relationship with the Universal Father, which means you need nothing else.

The Celestial Songbook 2

More lyric and poetry co-created and transmitted through a colorful variety of celestial artisans who are here to help us grow spiritually and creatively.

The Celestial Songbook

Lyric and poetry co-created and transmitted through a colorful variety of celestial artisans who are here to help us grow spiritually and creatively.

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Scores of supernals speak here, including Christ Michael, who incarnated here as Jesus; the biblical Abraham, Machiventa and other Melchizedeks, explaining their mission to instill pure spiritual values on a planet gone horribly astray. Thirty-eight human spiritual seekers discuss their experiences with the teachers from 1991 to the present, the opening years of our planet's epochal 'Correcting Time.'

Living in the Aura Of Love



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Celestial Out Of Silence

This continues the story from CELESTIALS OVER CINCINNATI as the author explores the world of celestial teacher contact from 1996-2019. Includes lessons from a new wave of celestial personalities to help in this time of planetary correction and redemption.

The Alien Intimacies

A spiritual sci-fi adventure that features benevolent visiting extraterrestrials and altered state travel back to the roots of planetary civilization. Troubled protagonist Jason confronts an enigmatic alien woman and learns from master explorer Mega aboard a visiting spaceship and in time-drops to explore the fate of their ancient garden colony, destroyed in the Lucifer Rebellion.

Jim Cleveland

Books & E-Books

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Slouching Through Absurdity

Mad mirth mingles with nonsense to make a stew, including a big dose of satire for the President Donald.  Includes the parody, Game of Thorns.

Dark Riders

FROM CYNICISM TO HEROISM -- Xavier Thorn, his wife killed, stripped his life down to the essentials he needed to strike at the Mafia - an angry cynicism that he yearned to turn to heroism and courage, along with an arsenal of weapons and explosives and the vision of a one-man crusade for justice that he saw nowhere in a thoroughly corrupt society. But he didn't reckon on confronting two mysterious women, profane Chelsea and angelic Columbine. The trio embarks on a stormy and erotic on-the-road adventure with plot twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. After a surprising and outrageously comic attack on a New Orleans Mafia Don, ensuing confrontations with Mafioso enforcers and a vicious motorcycle gang dispatched to kill them all test their mettle and their commitments to one another.

Sauntering Through Apocalypse:

IN-sights, OUT-rages, and ID-iocies

Can literary giants Shakespeare and Faulkner explain why the chicken crossed the road? Is Little Richard the epitome of philosophic simplism? Can dark sibling Forrest Grump find reconciliation and also direct? Can Snake Pleskin escape both Sedona and Iraq? Does the white man’s manifest destiny include photo ops with pliant Indians and black kids with watermelons?  Can a novice movie reviewer separate bombs and bombshells?  Will Christians, Jews and Muslims continue to kill each other with expensive explosives and send us the bill? How can the herdings of cats lead to wealth and fame?  

And furthermore …Is your own personal Truth-Beauty-Goodness your very best religion? Will you consider 21 new spiritual enlightenments for the 21st century?  How have slavery, segregation and other acrimonious separations contributed to a malaise of spiritual poverty in the deep South?