The False Wealth God THE FALSE WEALTH GOD The most common god for most of humanity is Wealth. Boil it all down. This is what we long for. This is what we would most cherish — wealth, the finest of everything. Its eternal idol is called Money. It rules the earth. While this god is everywhere, in every pore of our society, it is largely invisible, hidden. We deny its power over us. We put up other gods that we worship, but we don’t put any of them over our personal wealth. In this cloaked state, this true god of wealth can cause more damage. And it can actually destroy your mind, body and spirit. Ironically, this wealth is worthless in the eternal search for happiness and peace of mind. We want the best of food and exotic travel, shiny machines, a doting sex partner, all the things money can buy, and that’s virtually everything in a material world. When shake loose of materialism and wake up to the fact that humankind is all one family and that all the suffering worldwide does mean something in our own lives, then we will see with new light. We won’t worship material wealth; we will manage and share it. We will make it a means to an altruistic end, rather than just an end. We will be much more strongly concerned about the environmental degradations for profit — of our air, water, soil, the burning of forests, toxic waste dumps, ocean dead zones, animal slaughters. We will quit overpowering nature and start working with it. We now dishonor our greatest gifts from the real God. We see more wealthy people sharing with the needy in many places today. They are beginning to see the world as an increasingly small place, where the environment is fragile, the population is bloated, and the nations seriously divided by their animosities. As the veil is lifted, they see the unholy alliance between investors, politicians and the war-making industries that perpetuate hatred and the weaponry to serve it. What they want is Wealth. We begin to see them as enslaved by the money idol, worshipful of the wealth that can bring them more luxuries, more power. If they listened to the real God, they would learn that their life here will be relegated to dust and that only Spirit is Eternal. We had all best learn to live with it. And forget the material wealth facade. Mansions are already there. True wealth comes from within. It is not the money idol. When sickness and death confront the rich, they see things a bit differently. Their material wealth becomes increasingly worthless. Often, perhaps, they find a deeper connection to Spirit in their twilights. Inner wisdom swirls within from your own spirit guides. Ask for it and listen. It is uniquely tailored to your personality. No human can teach these perspectives which come fresh to you. True wealth is knowing God, and God knowing you. There are great numbers of celestial teachers and angels helping our Universal Father, and thereby serving you.You will get pure and direct guidance. It will be unfiltered through all those humans seeking money and power over you. Living with real wealth is the certainty of spiritual guidance as we live in Spirit and our desire to serve Goodness. We learn herewith that sharing our enlightenments is a clear but finite path. And that death is just a passageway to our real selves — our spiritual identity within.