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This site collects my books and CDs, offers some photography, newer writings,  free downloads and a recommended list of sites that inspire me. I'm a progressive social liberal with one-world spiritual values. I'm an active supporter of the Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission Network and various New Spirituality organizations.


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  • I COME TO YOU AGAIN, by Jesus Christ. Lithuanian scholar Algimantas translated the Urantia Book and became deeply immersed in spiritual philosophy and the life of his Savior. Here is a large channeled manuscript from Jesus received by the author, who also discusses his life in detail and provides links to Lithuania sites. We offer this PDF from the site.
  • THE TEACHING MISSION, volume 2, edited by Jim Cleveland. Features topical lessons from many celestial teachers on personal spiritual growth; the complete Stillness book by Michael Painter and essays by Daniel Raphael and Mary Livingston. Free for your enjoyment.



  • MARK TURNBULL (www.markturnbullsings.com) has had an illustrious and continuing  career in theater, television and music on the west coast. From his fine album “Father’s Day” he shared a humorous ditty called “Baggage” for our Soul Series of CD’s. Recommend checking his site and his other sharings.
  • LIVING MOMENTS. Romance abounds with words by Jim and music by Mark Austin, a revelry from the Soul Series.
  • NEW MILLENNIUM BLUES. Mark launches some strong blues bass to voice Jim’s lyrics in a musical track from the Soul Series and from one of the Mark Austin Band’s albums.


Madness Chronicles:

ISSUES 8 AND 9 of the fiery newsletter that strips our world’s issues bare and naked like no other source.



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FREE MP-3 Music Tracks: by Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin in the Soul Series CDs project:

  • "Heaven's Door" is a sympathetic lyrical to the struggles of the homeless.
  • "Pouring" is a stream of consciousness track on the creative streaming process.

MP-3, "Feel the Sun" The immortal Charley Packard is remembered with one of his great classics "Feel The Sun." RIP to this great troubadour and minister who leaves a legacy of good music.


Madness Chronicles:

  • "Hard Times for One Another," lyrics for an un-produced track, by Jim Cleveland, and inspired by the Celestial Artisans and Bob Dylan
  • "Modern Mythology," a moralistic essay from the new book on Amazon — "Beyond Baggage" by Jim Cleveland
  • Fire Ax #7 — An outrageous balls-to-the-walls newsletter about our current Madnesses and a fire-ax response. All to blame on Jim once more.


Many other free e-books and MP-3 tracks in our libraries.